What’s on the Bench?
Marc had more electrical work done in his shop and the new garage is starting to look like a shop. He’s currently cannibalizing old cabinets and using them for storage under the extension wing. He’s also teaching two classes in January at the William Ng School.

Matt finally completed Samantha’s bookcase and he’s starting a child’s dresser project.

Around the Web:
Megan’s LVL workbench video.
Charles Neil coming out with a new web series (subscription only)

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Sweet Deals:
Sent in from Michael Dove of Kaytrim’s Customs: Lee Valley Overhead Radiant Heater $55

Sent in from Kerry Drake on Facebook: $19.99 Router Base Plate with centering Pin

At WoodWerks: Delta Right Tilt 10″ 3HP Unisaws (no fence) for $699.

Zdillenger from Twitter Woodcraft: At check out, on the left side it mentions Coupon Codes. Enter 812 there and you will get 20% off all LN stuff in your cart.

It Came from the Forum:
A brown paper bag for a fine finish?? HUH WHAT?
A post by dtrust in the Wood Whisperer Forum: “I was wondering if anyone else had heard of this. A friend told me about it a couple years ago, and I’ve been doing it ever since. After all is said and done, polish the final surface with a brown paper lunch bag. It gets rid of any tiny dust nibs and leaves the surface feeling like you rubbed it with baby powder. Maybe the paper is equivilent to 10,000 grit sandpaper?”

Shannon Rogers – Renaissance Woodworker – Shannon’s world is rocked because Matt is using more power tools and Marc is using more hand tools!
Roberto – Wondering if Norm was going crazy when he dipped his tenons in water.

Tom’s Tip (TomsWorkbench.com): Measure Twice Cut Once
Kari’s Tip: (Village Carpenter): Gunk on old blades.

After Show Voicemails:
Margaret from MagnoliaWorks.com tells us exactly how to pronounce Jim Ipekjian’s name.

One reply on “WT59”

“Zdillenger from Twitter Woodcraft: At check out, on the left side it mentions Coupon Codes. Enter 812 there and you will get 20% off all LN stuff in your cart.”

He also told that if you call them after the order you can have free shipment. There was a code for it but there is only one spot to put a code.

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