We had some serious trouble with Ustream and almost canned the show. But just as we were about to log off, Ustream started working again. So the result is an abbreviated show featuring voicemails, audio segments, and Sweet Deals. Enjoy!

Sweet Deals:
Earlex SprayStation 5000 – $269 at Highland Woodworking

Digital Protractor at Lee Valley $13.99

Peachtree USA: 15% off any internet order with the code wood09. Expires 10/31

Woodworkers Source: use coupon code WOOD448 to get $10 off your first order.
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It Came from the Forum:
Comfort Wipe: Why Didn’t I Thing of That?

We receive a ton of voicemail this week. Listen to hear them all!

Tom’s Tip (TomsWorkbench.com): Ask your lumber dealer to show you his shorts!
Kari’s Tip: (Village Carpenter): A use for those little magnifying glasses.

4 replies on “WT60”

That comfort wipe is reeedunkulous!!! I guess it would be good for the individual that can’t reach, coupled with the get-a-grip the possiblities are endless! What about the older lady saying something about saving her dignity? Couldn’t she have done that by NOT doing that commercial??? And how do you keep that 18 handle from not going into the toilet water before you apply it to whatever yourn applying it to?!? Maybe the comfort wipe can turn into the comfort wet-wipes…now that’s comforting especially after hot wings and a few suds!!

Great one! I think I liked the short version better since I was able to listen to it in one sitting without getting in trouble for not doing work! Keep it up guys.

when doing some of these projects what is the best way to lay out the pieces for making the most of the wood. Mainly I’m trying to figure out the best use and efficent cuts for sheets of plywood?

Tablesaw Blade pitch cleaner – Just soak it in 409 cleaner and clean with a brass toothbrush, no caustic chemical cleaners needed.

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