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The shortest WTO ever! Just a little Thanksgiving update from Marc and Matt. Marc is working on a rocking chair repair.

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Cheers Marc/Matt Happy thanksgiving I am getting my tools out off storage Thursday and moving into my workshop cannot wait Hope you have a great holiday Just another Thursday Friday here in the UK all the best

Happy Thanksgiving Marc and, yes, it was the shortest Wood Talk Online ever… please don’t try to break this record if at all possible?

Cheers from Canada

(wearin’ my retro TWW cap with pride… hey, you changed the logo so now this one is retro)

Hi Mark
Im sure you all ready thought of this but in any case. I can appreciate your situation with your shop and old house. I have been in that exact position.Looking on the bright side when you do get your new shop built you will be really glad you have a functioning shop to build all the accessories will need for the new shop. I have moved my shop 4 times over the last 20 plus years. So I know what you are going through.
A neighbor in surprise AZ.

I have been on a marathon WTO listening addiction (starting with episode #1) trying to catch up to real time…. arrrgh I am falling behind. Great listening, thank you for all the hard work M & M.

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