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This week, we have a special guest host with us: Rick Waters from the The Splintered Board Podcast and The Sawdust Chronicles.

What’s on the Bench:
Rick is working on his workbench. Matt is busy caressing his new Steel City granite-topped tablesaw, and Marc is sharpening his tools and complaining about it the whole time.

We have a great roundtable audio clip from the folks at Popular Woodworking magazine concerning the new format due out in March. We are VERY excited about this!
New Veritas Detail Rabbet Planes

Woodworkers Fighting Cancer

The passing of two great woodworkers from our online community. We appreciate both of their contributions and send our condolences to their families.
John Lucas from Wood Shop Demos.
Niki Avrahami – Check out this write up from Tom at TomsWorkbench.com

Around the Web:
Logan Cabinet Shoppe – Bob Rozaieski does some great video podcasts with the primary focus on hand tool techniques.
Todd Clippinger’s American Craftsman Workshop
TableSaw Injury Report (Sent in by Dean)

Sweet Deals:
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It Came From the Forum:
How Flat Is Your Tablesaw?

Daniel (YucatanDan) gives us a great tip for erasing pencil marks.

Roberto needs some advice on long clamps.

Toms Tip: Creating radii using stuff around the shop.
Kari’s Tip: Kari leans to the left.

And don’t forget to check out the New England Home Show if you happen to be in the area!

6 replies on “WT67”

Great show, had a comment or 2.
I think you guys had it backwards, 88 is the new 90.
Also, regarding the clamp question. I have had good luck using the H/F 1/2 pipe clamps. And as for pipe, to a metal recycler. Saved a lot of money. Also, if you get an 80″ pipe, use it, then you could cut it down and have 2 40″ pipe clamps.


I have also been very impressed with Lie-Nielsen customer service. The first time I got a return phone call from Deneb I was floored!


PS. I agree too…we pay for it, but Lie-Nielsen product quality is #1as well.

A little late to the show, but just so you know the current Harbor Freight f-style clamps are awesome. The rubberized handles are easy to grip and they exert plenty of clamping pressure. Check em out, they’re super cheap so it will be an expensive experiment.

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