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4 replies on “WT71”

I suspect Tom is a bit hung over today after playing the WTO drinking game last night, here’s what I recall:

One drink for any of the following references:
– dealywhacker
– the Schwarz
– Roy Underhill
– Norm Abram
– the infamous banana plane
– wenge
– “actually”
– Roberto
– dewaxed shellac
– Lee Valley
– Lie Nielsen
– Kari’s sultry voice
– Matt and food in the same sentence

I’m sure there were more…but it got a bit blurry after the second bottle of Cab.

The only spoiler you need on an El Camino, is to drop the tailgate, and use shorter cables/chains.. just ask my friend with a 9 second daily driven El Camino… We now bring you back to woodworking… lol

Thanks for answering the question (and what a useful answer it was). Just a FYI Marc, it is spelled Dyami.

I must say I feel guilty for making the correction as you pronounced it correctly during that show, and based on the people I interact with on a daily basis, pronouncing my name is much harder than spelling it.

Thanks again,

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