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What’s on the Bench:
Marc – Working on the advent calendar and the hinges for the small doors.
Matt – Finally finished up the buffet.
Shannon – The Hand Tool School is in session!

The Rough Cut Show: discussing the impact of the show and the reaction on the web.

From the Forum:
Start Your Christmas List
Kid-Proofing Your Shop
The Stanley #80

Steve – Finishing with Arm-R-Seal on soft maple.
A Simple Varnish Finish DVD
Eli – Pore-filling wenge and shellac that won’t dry.
Jeremy – Comments on bevel up/down

Tom’s Tip (TomsWorkbench.com) – Dollar Store plastic containers keep things organized.

11 replies on “WT76”

Interesting how your “unplanned” show feels so much like all the others 🙂 still enjoyable regardless.

Concerning Rough Cut, I say give it some time… how many years did Norm have to perfect his work flow? and everyone is getting ants in their pants after three rough cuts!? I’ve heard people say that it should be an hour show, but that’s a hard sell to TV stations these days… yet another reason for web content. In any case, I’m not necessarily looking to learn something new all the time, to pick on Norm again, how many times have you seen him cut a mortise and tenon on his table saw? but sometimes it’s fun to just watch someone else work.

Yeah, I know, opinions are kind of like farts, you don’t want to hear anyone else’s, but sometimes they just can’t help themselves.

Good stuff guys. I have to agree with Chris that sometimes its just fun to watch somebody else work. Good show all around Matt & Marc

Rough Cut … here is the difference between online programs and tv programs. In TV probably there is not a market for 100 episodes to finish a project, the online crowd wants more details. This is the unique selling proposition that The Wood Whisperer, Matt’s Basement and Renaissance Woodworker have over PBS … diversity of content is welcome in my book. I loved Tommy’s online content and probably I will not watch his TV program but TV needs him.

Hi guys,

Listened to this one this morning on the way to work. Good show as always. I’m glad you spent some time talking about Rough Cut. I have to also agree with Chris that it’s nice to just sit back and watch someone work on a project.

It’s a new show – and many new shows take a few episodes to “settle in”. I think we’re seeing that here. With each episode I’ve seen, it feels like the pace is settling down a bit and finding their flow.

I also agree that for many, especially new folks to woodworking, TV may be that entry point to consume woodworking content, which then follows to the online content. For Rough Cut, I think it helps to consider it as a package offering of the TV show and the online content at roughcutwoodworking.com. Tommy has posted many of his older videos that go into more detail on the techniques that what is possible within a half hour show. They have the forum as well where you can ask questions specific to the episodes.

Woodworking content via different mediums I think is a good thing that can help the woodworking community.

Great show as usual guys. I have not seen the Rough Cut Show yet. But on the ’24’ point, I don’t think that would work. There’s a guy in the UK who is producing turning videos that are 3-5hrs long. The turning fraternity are heavy into their DVDs, but the reality is that there are parts of a project that are just boring to watch. Sanding, milling, etc, etc. However, I do support the idea of longer more detailed shows. But then we’ve talked about this before, the web is where that kind of content can work. Like Marc said on the show, the majority of people who watch woodworking TV shows won’t care for internet shows.

There was a question about shellac curing. I know that Joel at toolsforworkingwood.com writes a lot about this on his blog. He mentions that water in the thinner will hamper curing. He recommends the pure ethanol he sells on his site. I suggest that Eli check that out.

Hey everyone. This is Eli, the ‘shellac’ caller. I just listened to the podcast (ok, I’m a bit behind) … and they were right on the nose.

In retrospect, I realized that the Shellac I used was at least 4 years old, probably older. I’d transferred the leftover from the can to a smaller mason jar a while ago. But just hadn’t really realized just ‘how’ old it was until I started thinking about it.

And honestly before that, hadn’t even heard about the idea of a shelf-life on Shellac (yeah yeah, I should read the can) 🙂 Since I’ve used very old oils and paints without issue as long as they’d been sealed and ‘looked ok’. My Shellac knowledge was lacking.

So spot on guys.


Rough Cut is a great show for a drinking game. Every time Tommy says “guys” or the name of his guest you have to drink. The program itself is pretty entertaining also.

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