WT1 – The Awkward Beginning

In Episode 1, Marc and Matt discuss what’s going on in their own shops as well as answer listener emails. Matt just finished up a big project so he’s in cleaning mode. Marc discussed his ongoing shop air conditioning preparations and an adhesion issue he had with a table he’s refinishing. Email topics included dealing with glue squeeze out, cleaning pitch and resin from saw blades, and how to charge for your work. We recommended two different products for cleaning blades. Matt like the T9 Boeshield Products and Marc uses Rockler’s Pitch and Resin Remover

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hi, this was great. I just found you guys a few weeks ago and been having fun looking at your sites. Both of you are entertaining and the combined effort is a hot. Try getting into Public TV or broadcasting. Your topica are good, can’t wait till the next one.


Hot, hit or a hoot, I can tell you were having a good time with this…

Kinda had an NPR Car talk groove – but something I can get much more out of.

Speaking of which, I’ll be downloading future episodes for drivetime, lest my wife gets even less time on the computer!

Yeah, congrats on your first “episode.” It was smooth-listening and I look forward to the next one. Who would have thought…a frickin’ online radio show for woodworkers! Love it.

This was great! To be totally honest, I didn’t think I would find it as entertaining or informative as your video podcasts. I decided to check it out anyway. I’m sure glad I did. The topics were very spot-on for what I needed to know, and the discussion was lively, frank and informative. Thanks Mark and Matt!

Excellent show. I now have even more motivation to keep building projects. In fact I have begun building a Mission style Entertainment Center and I have a question. I’m up to the building of the cabinet doors which will have a pane of seeded glass in each. How do I add mullions to the cabinet doors? I want the glass to obviously sit behind them in a rabbit.

The first thing that comes to my mind, like Scott, is the NPR show “Click and Clack, the Tappet Brothers”

“Marc and Matt, the mortise and tenon of woodworking”

One great thing about the podcast is you can put it on hold and not miss anything. I didn’t want to miss any of it.

From up North Quebec, keep it up. You got a great start.
no question for now but it’ll come up.

Good show,


Hi Marc & Matt….

Just finished listening to your first joint podcast and, I must say, it was very enjoyable. You guys work well together and I’m looking forward to many more.

I haven’t done any real woodworking since I was in high school a few (30) years ago and I’m looking to get back into it a bit. I e-mailed Marc about a month ago stating that I have decided to turn my garage into a wood working shop. I have since resolved that I need to build a shed or two to accomodate all the stuff in the garage so my first woodworking project (not exactly the woodworking I had in mind)will be a 10×14 shed. If that comes out good I’ll build a second one and then get the garage cleaned out to begin the transformation.

I’m looking forward to any tips I can get from you guys. Keep up the great and fun work…..it’s really appreciated!

John P

Great show, I can’t wait for more. The Internet is really starting to take off for woodworkers. There are so many really good sites out there now, and yours and Matt’s are at the top of my list.

Nice! I truly enjoy flipping through pages of magazines, but this is future of informative woodworking and you can take it anywhere – great podcast guys! Marc you hit it on the head with pricing…you have to know your market and the individuals. My audience are those interested in “conversation pieces” (for lack of better terms) and fine joinery, not something that can be duplicated through a large retailer. A price tag comes with that. New formula (cost of materials + labor + price of new 3 HP Powermatic Cabinet Saw)You think I can get away with that on a cutting board? 🙂

Very cool! Love it, keep it coming.

Do you have a link to that shop rate survey you guys talked about where various folks priced out a cabinet?

good show for a first.

Had to laugh about glue squeeze out in tight places. You pros have forgotten about the most incredible tool of all — the sharp pocket knife.

the file is just an MP3 so it should play within your browser. Perhaps you need to enable some sort of media recognition within the browser itself. But most current versions of browsers should recognize the MP3. If not, you can always right click on the link, and save the file to your hard drive. Then you can use just about any media player to listen to the file. Alternatively, you can download ITunes and get all the files, including the videos, from there.

let me know if you continue to have difficulty.


I can’t get enough! Great job on the podcast, although I also prefer the vid podcasts better – just more meat and potatoes with the vids.
The average joe, wannabe, woodworking hobbist rarely gets a chance to talk to a pro or experienced hobbist. For many of us, woodworking clubs and classes are very difficult to get to depending on where you live. Relying on books/videos can only get you so far, so to have the podcasts and online resources that are now so accessable makes learning this hobby so much easier. Thanks for all you efforts…

Regarding the Varathane polyurethane problems, I was discussing a poly project with a Sherwin-Williams rep. and he cautioned me not to use shellac as a base for polyurathane. Sounds like you’ve used it before without any problems, but it was worth mentioning.

Hey Allen. Thanks for the tip. I have indeed used shellac many many times under various urethanes and oil/varnish mixtures. Shellac is an excellent “universal binder” for all sorts of top coats. To be more specific, dewaxed shellac. That may be where the SW rep is coming from. I would not coat a standard shellac surface with poly. But truthfully, there is even some debate going on as to the validity of that theory. Either way, I usually use a 1/2 pound to 1 pound cut of dewaxed shellac as a light sealer. The shellac I used for that particular project was Bullseye SealCoat, which is indeed dewaxed.

Really, really well-done. You guys should be promoting this to radio stations as a 2 or 3 hour Saturday morning talk show idea.

Great job on the pod cast! Keep em coming. I’ve been doing a bunch of research the last couple of weeks on pricing your work and I think you are right on the money. I would just add that in deciding a shop rate to strongly consider your overhead (operating cost) and factor that in to what you want to make per hour.

Looking forward to the next episode,


Hey guys,

Sounds like you’ve got something here! This could really take off.

By the way,I agree with the two listeners who likened “Wood Talk Online” to NPR’s “Car Talk.” But I want to know which one of you is Click and which one is Clack? (Now you need a tag line, you know, like the Magliozzi’s, “Don’t drive like my brother!”)

As you get deeper into this thing, you might consider adding show notes to either or both of your websites, for links or other references you make during the podcast.

Congratulations, you’re off to a great start! Keep it up and good luck!


Marc — since you’re into technology, I thought I’d pass along a site I tried out last night: http://www.talkshoe.com. You can have a live show there (and it records to mp3) and listeners can join muted and “raise a hand” to be unmuted (by the host) or chat questions. Pretty slick, tho it does currently require a download. Thought I’d pass it along as a cool option for having a talk show.

Great show.

Hey Mike. We are familiar with TalkShoe and if we ever decide to do a live show, that’s probably where we will run it. I listen to a number of podcasts that use that system. Its very cool. Thanks for the suggestion.

hi, i enjoyed the show. great topics and sound advice. i really like the wood whisperer show. i know what you mean about no a/c, marc. we are rebuilding our swamp cooler this week. anyway keep up the good work.

josh mesa, az

I have followed your site and have completed some projects thanks to your help. I only wish that I had the time and energy to do some more. Disability you know but your encouragement is wonderful and can’t be beat. keep up the great work and god bless all your endeavours.

Seven Years old and just as mature 🙂

Congrats, Guys! I still remember when you announced that you would be doing this “Wood Talk” thing in your wood whisperer podcast…. Who is this Matt Vanderlist guy anyway?

Here’s to another 6 years and the death of the Knitting podcast!

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