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Check out the new website at woodtalkonline.com. Expanded content including an expanded blog with several woodworkers contributing articles regularly. The new content on the site will also be used as general content for the shows!


The giveaways mentioned in this episode are no longer available.


Marc recently returned from AWFS in Las Vegas… podcasts and videos coming.
Steel City Granite Countertops
The riving knife revolution… new UL mandate (UL 987) requires all new table saws to have riving knives by 2008 with existing products to be converted by 2010.
Interview with David and Victoria Marks
Marc got a chance to talk with Chris Schwarz and Glen Huey of Popular Woodworking.
Marc meets Norm Abram (with Nicole’s help)!


Kaleo – Tasmania, Australia
I’m doing some schooling at the Australian School of Fine Furniture. I recently had some hands-on time with the Festool Domino, and I also recently watched Marc’s episode 20 on the step stool made with the Domino. I was really wondering how it turned out and how the through tenons turned out. I know the domino is made of compressed beech, and I really wondered how it looked oiled up or just finished if you wedge them.

Barry W. – South Dakota
I have most of my shop on casters, and I just got a 17″ Grizzly Band Saw and 8″ Grizzly Jointer. I wanted to know your thoughts on putting those two big pieces of equipment on caster systems.. what you thought might be done.


Hey guys, I came across this video on Youtube. According to the video, this is a new show (Woodworking Together) coming in January 2008, and it’s hosted by a woman. Do you guys think it will be as good as Yankee or Woodworks (or of course Matt’s Basement Workshop or The Wood Whisperer)? I only ask because the majority of woodworkers are men… not sure how many women are really “in to woodworking.”
Note: This video is no longer available.

My question is about flush-trim router bits. What is the point of having different diameters since the point is to make a flush cut rather than cut a dado or grooves of a certain width? Why would you need a wide bit when you are most likely making a shallow cut, even if you have a large overhang? I understand the different cutting lengths, but the diameters confuse me, and I’d like to keep from having redundancy in my bit collection so I can buy more tools and wood.

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I said it would be the the last time the file will be put in The Wood Whisperer feed. The link posted here is not a direct link to the file, but a link to the post on WoodTalkOnline.com. So its more of a notice of sorts. In the future, I may stop doing that as well. But for now its beneficial.

Mad props on the latest Wood Talk Online episode. The new outline and forum of the show is really exciting. There was something that wasn’t made clear though… The new authors on the site, will they be pulling from there own knowledge and experience to write these articles, or will they be pinch hitting for you and “side show Matt” by answering questions.

Thanks Kendall for the super sweet mad props. Word.
The new authors are simply contributors to the site. They will write articles and can be contacted individually for questions. Matt and I will still take emails and voicemails for the podcast.
That clear things up?

Man, you are a worker bee! The site looks beyond great and the idea of pulling in other woodworkers is just another example of the true genius that is The Wood Whisperer! As my homeboy, Kendall, put it; Mad Props!

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