You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. We now have an actual phone number for leaving voicemail messages! The number is. Just dial 623-242-2450 and leave us a message – it’s not a toll free call, unless you live near Marc – but it’s worth every penny! Of course you can still email us at woodtalkonline@gmail.com or leave a voicemail at the website too!

In this episode we hear more about some of the great new contributers to the blogs at the Wood Talk Online website. And we also learn that Matt and Marc aren’t the only woodworkers getting on the podcasting bandwagon. Some of our fellow podcasters include:

Matt’s Basement Workshop

The Wood Whisperer

Stu’s Shed

Woodworking Online

Woodworkers Resource


Novice Garage Woodworker

Of course we answer questions. Starting with Jeff’s voice mail asking about recommendations for friction free surfaces. Jim’s request for clues to tell when to resharpen jointer/planer knives. J’s link recommendation for a possible answer to “what constitutes a good basic toolkit”. Jim’s concern about drawer clearance and finally Dan’s questions about buying 20% extra wood for his projects.

One reply on “WT15”

Smooth surfaces like high-gloss varnishes or melamine do a pretty good job of repelling adhesives, but on a convex shape surface tension can make you nearly break the work trying to get it out.
My favorite release medium is silicon caulk. I often build with fiberglass and resin in molds constructed from OSB and plywood, which I coat with GE’s exterior Type I thinned with about 10% denatured alcohol.
It might be overkill for a 10′ radius but on a smaller project it’s just enough kill.

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