The end of summer is not only traditionally the time of year when school starts back up, it’s also when most woodworkers head back into their shops and start cranking out all those projects that were neglected because of too much summer fun and frolicking…or perhaps heat.

So in this episode of Wood Talk Online, we have fun and frolicking of our own as we share with you some of the most recent articles posted on the website, including Joe Woodworkers veneer article, Tom talking about ‘Old Ugly’ and many others. As always, the listeners of Wood Talk Online share with us their experiences and have some great feedback for when we go off on a tangent or two and miss the mark on a previous question.

Allen wrote in to share his hard learned lessen on a new use for Boeshield’s T-9. MoparDude sets us straight on why there are multiple sizes of flush trim bits. And speaking of questions we have a few of those too! Roberto’s question about half blind dovetails vs through dovetails sparks a near all out disagreement between our hosts (the first ever!!). Larry wonders how he can dry a huge haul of Mahogany that he’s come across. Matt suggests checking out John Wilson’s site at ShakerOvalBox.com. Evan in Japan ponders the question of “do I really need a cyclone dust collector?” And we have some voicemails too!

For your comments, questions and feedback send them to woodtalkonline@gmail.com or leave us a voicemail at (623) 242-2450. Also don’t forget the giveaways too. To win a Highland Woodworking Woodslicer Bandsaw blade email us at WTOpromo@gmail.com and to enter the FesCool Giveaway at The Wood Whisperer, send your correct answer to Festool@TheWoodWhisperer.com

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You don’t need to do a 24 hour show. Your fans can download all the WTO programs and put their player in continuous mode. There are plenty of episodes and as you guys discussed WWers forget things older than a week so it would always seem new! LOL

i’m new to woodworking but when i heard the dovetail question i had to chime in. I would do through dovetails for saw practice and half blinds for chisel practice. maybe i’m wrong and i know both utilize the same tools and techniques but this is what i’ve gathered. i buy cheap wood from the home center to practice this type of stuff before a project like this.

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