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Marc is going to Connecticut to spend some time with the good folks at Fine Woodworking (Taunton Press).

Special Guest Tom Iovino:

Today we’re having an email Q&A with special guest Tom Iovino of TomsWorkbench.com


Dan the Man
“I’m considering getting a drum sander. How much do you use your drum sander? How does it fit in you workflow, and what tasks do you use it for? Finally, have you [Marc] been happy with your Performax? And can it be used to roll out pie crusts?”

“Long-time listener, first-time emailer. I was wondering what would be the best stain and finish to apply to children’s toys? I’m a self-taught woodworker, and I’ve been making children’s toys because they’re smaller and easier to do in a weekend or so. I’ve usually left them unfinished or painted them, but I’d like to show off the wood grain that makes them a wooden toy. I usually use pine as it’s cheaper and simpler to cut.”

“I have a question about the Festool Domino system. My question is about the loose tenon joinery and doesn’t Beadlock do a very similar thing? I know the Domino is more of a production machine and has various sizes, but is that really the only difference? As an amateur woodworker who rarely uses his biscuit joiner, am I missing something? If I wanted to experiment with loose tenon joints, would the Beadlock system be good enough to start with?”

“What is the drawback to making rip cuts with a crosscut saw blade on the table saw? Why not use is for ripping as well as crosscuts?”

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