It’s time for another episode of Wood Talk Online and our hosts are at the height of their tangent-ny goodness.
Marc mentioned a new set of videos available at Finewoodworking.com called Getting Started in Woodworking. Marc also mentioned that he decided it’s time to start thinking about going green and introduced the subject of water-based finishes by providing these great links to help you learn more about the subject:

WoodNet Forum Post

Rockler Article
Making a Collapsible Spray Booth

It’s obvious that woodworking season is upon us, given the large number of voicemails and emails that came in for this episode. Chris calls in asking about wood movement and Marc’s suggestion is to check out “The Shrinkulator“. Next is Fred who apparently has a problem with holes being drilled in the wrong place. Bob has some facial hair that might not work with a dust mask and the last voicemail for this episode is from Chet who asks about which is our favorite jig in the workshop.

We have emails too, starting with Rex who wants to know if we have any ideas on a good choice of stock for making trekking poles used for hiking. Zac in Vegas is having trouble finding the motivation to head into the shop, every now and then, and is curious to see if we have any helpful ideas to rekindle the fire. Joey’s making some coasters and is looking for a way to apply a finish without drips, sags or losing his mind. And last but not least is Tony, who’s looking to get a mirror like shine to his hand plane and chisel blades.

As always if you have any comment, questions or feedback drop us a line at woodtalkonline@gmail.com or call us at 623-242-2450. And if you’re interested in getting your name in for a chance to win a WoodSlicer Resaw Blade from Highland Woodworking send us an email at wtopromo@gmail.com .

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