As we approach the holiday season, its time to think about the truly important things in life. Things like your gift list! Matt and Marc each discuss their top 5 most wanted tools. Price and shop size were not a consideration. These are dream lists. So if you have a dream list of your own, give us a call at 623-242-5180 and tell us about it. We will play them on the show next week.

We also read a few emails as well. Luis had a question about the many different types of glue on the market. Mark asked for information on cleaning, restoring and identifying old hand tools. Matt recommended checking out www.supertool.com (Patrick’s Blood and Gore – The Superior Works), www.antique-used-tools.com (Bob Kaune’s Hand Plane Parts) and www.oldToolsShop.com. Mark also recommends checking out the Internet Archive for old woodworking texts. And finally, Mike needs some advice on gluing up miters for a recipe box.

Don’t forget if you have a question or you want to tell us what’s on your wishlist, you can leave us a message at 623-242-2450, or you can email us at woodtalkonline@gmail.com

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Marc – You say go to Internet Archive for old woodworking texts but I do not think you referenced this in the audio podcast or expounded on why you are sending us to this site. I am trying to find out what woodworking texts you found interesting or useful there. thanks, Tom

Hey Tom. One of the emails was from a listener named Mark. He asked the question about finding information on old woodworking hand tools. He also made the recommendation for searching the Internet Archive for woodworking texts. Listen to that part of the show again and you should catch the reference. He said he found a number of old books. Haven’t had the opportunity to to check for myself yet.

Hey Marc,
I just recently discovered your site, and I really enjoy it. I have a question, and I’m hoping you might be able to help me out. I guess I’m kind of a newbie at woodworking, I’ve only been doing it for about 6 years now. Here’s my dilemma. I use power tools just like everyone else, but lately I’ve really become obsessed with doing as much as I can using hand tools. I’m in the middle of a project, it’s a Chippendale style chest on chest. So far I’ve hand carved the reeded pilasters, given it serpentine drawer fronts, etc., but the mohogany is REALLY hard, and the dovetails could become a problem. I know dovetails can be hand cut with a bow saw, or traditional dovetail saws, but I really want to do this right. I was wondering if you could give me any tips on this crucial step. I’ve come really far, and I don’t want to mess it all up now. When you hand cut dovetails, what tool do you prefer? Do you cut the pins or the tails first? Am I in over my head?! HELP!!! LOL- Ted

ted, i think your going to need more than this comment section to answer that question. Hand cut dovetails are a BIG topic. Also there are many ways to do it and everyone has a different opinion.

You didn’t mention one of the best things about hide glue–it’s easily repaired because new hide glue will stick to old hide glue. This means that you don’t need to clean off all the old glue as long as you get the surface smooth.

This isn’t an issue for short-term projects, but if you’re building something “heirloom” grade that you want to pass on to future generations, it might be worth thinking about how the piece will be repaired if a joint loosens over time.

There were some interesting discussion threads over on Sawmill Creek that dealt with testing various different kinds of glues to see how well they could be repaired.

Hey Ted. Unfortunately, Austin is dead on right. Hand cut dovetails will require a little research and some practice. I would definitely do numerous practice runs before you tackle your actual project. All of those questions will be answered if you do a little digging. Might be good to even get a video or take a one day class on hand cut dovetails. Tails or pins first is a matter of taste. I personally like tails first. But you need to go through the process before you can decide what is right for you. The local Rockler and Woodcraft stores frequently have these classes. I highly recommend taking one. Good luck.

Dead on with the spray booth. My list would include; Saw Stop, Wood Miser band saw lumber mill (it also resaws as thin as thickness of a quarter), kiln (glass, ceramic and metal casting), CNC Laser engraver, CNC Carving system, vacuum bag with pump, metal lathe, Festool 75 saw, rotex sander with extractor.

Weird tools I already have to induce drooling:4″ diamond blade wet bandsaw (glass ), bevel grinder for glass, metal forming tools (16T bender, hoop roller, 72″ brake), pin router, wooden clock gear cutter, overarm blade guard (after I lost a finger), steam bender.

With regards to Ted’s comments, I would recommend going to WoodCraft and renting the Rob Cosman video on handcut dovetails. There is some great information on there! Also, would love to see some pictures of this Chippendale Chest…

Anyone looking for another great source for glues, do a YouTube search for :” Luthier tips glues” great 2 part vid explaining glues pretty well.

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