This episode starts with a discussion on woodworking products based on Matt’s and Marc’s experiences. Matt is loving his new jointer and his ability to square things off in one pass! Marc discusses a new find, Magswitch magnets. They are awesome switchable magnets which provide a more efficient way to clamp and hold your work. The website is www.magswitch.com.au. Does the height of your wood shop’s ceiling affect your creativity??? Well listen up and you too will be enlightened with the little pearls of wisdom from Matt. First e-mail asks for an opinion on a motorized sharpening device that can be found at http://worksharptools.com. Neither Marc or Matt have seen this particular tool in action but based on a quick review it looks to be a pretty cool system at a reasonable price.

Next question is about ear protection. Marc talks about his headphones which are Work Tunes. Matt uses ear protection which can be found at www.zemzone.com. The third e-mailer wants to know if there are any secrets to be shared when it comes to changing and adjusting jointer knives. Marc suggests using a jig called a Jointer Pal.

The fourth question concerns using wax on a new saw top. Marc discusses the various products he has used over the years and suggests checking out Woodnet for further information. The next question is about a saw called a Saw Stop and if its worth the hefty price tag. Matt expresses concern about the possibility of falling into a false sense of security when using this saw. Marc thinks its a quality saw but probably not worth the extra bucks. The last question comes from a rookie woodworker who wants to know which woodworking projects have provided the best learning experience. Marc says for him its the ones he ventures off on with no plan in mind and seeing where it winds up. But more important to Marc are the various people who have influenced him and his approach to woodworking. Matt says for him it was making a dresser for his son.

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As usual I enjoyed the latest Woodtalk Online Episode, entertaining and insightful. Check both your websites daily for new entries. I got my new issue of Woodworkers Journal day after I sent my last question about t-boxes and the cover story was about T-boxes that and a re-viewing of The King and His Castle was able to answer my question as to what a T-box was. News from WV………MY NEW JOINTER IS HERE! Made the trip to Woodcraft in Parkersburg, WV and Just got back. I wanted to haul it up to my shop which is a free standing building about 100 yards behind my house (uphill) but with no help at this late hour I haven’t even been able to get the 500lb beast out of the truck bed. I wound up buying the 6″ Powermatic and I’m glad since I got the free Powermatic toy truck with it. (A definite deal closer) I guess I just had to write someone who can relate to my enthusiasm especially Matt since he is squaring every board in his shop with his new Grizzly. Keep up the Podcast I enjoy them almost as much as 3 stooges reruns. Oh I do have one confession to make….my wife is a knitter.
Roger in WV
handle: DocK

SawStop has a much less expensive contractor model coming out in the fourth quarter of the year. Although I think it may be more of a hybrid saw because it has dust collection. I looked at the big $3500 model at Woodcraft and WOW nice feel. I just can’t afford it even after loosing my index finger 11 months ago. This new $800 version I can definitely afford. I had no idea how much trouble an amputation is and I was lucky by only losing one finger. For 6 months I couldn’t even chuck a drill bit because I had no grip strength. A year later I still have pain and swelling. This year I can finally start a line trimmer and feel normal which is good because I have a huge list of things not done last year. I never thought how good it would feel to just pick up a tool and use it effortlessly again. I’m also lucky I had a desk job that didn’t require strength. A friend of mine at work has a son whose dream is making guitars but he didn’t want him taking shop until he discovered they had sawstop as most of the local schools now. I didn’t like them doing the hot dog demo for the kids because I thought proper fear is necessary.

As to cost, a brake is $65-$70. On the other hand, I had Aetna so ER visit $50, drugs $25, rehab $20, doctor $15, surgery $100 (actual cost over $16,000) so that shouldn’t be that much. Well my taxes show an expense of around $2000 of these nickel and dime expenses.

As to reaction times, I got an email from Mr Gass explaining blade penetration per millisecond based on speed of the hand. Basically, since I slapped the blade the finger was off before I could even send the signal to pull my hand away.

Hey guys – take a closer look a the WorkSharp.

1. The system grinds the bevel & hones the back in the one operation.

2. There is a slotted wheel that does allow you to watch the bevel if you really need to see this (and this wheel is required for curved bevel tools.)

I am hanging out for the 240VAC version to be released for Australia (am told it should be here sometime in 2008)

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