Our first voicemail was from Wilbur. His question involved power jointer vs. jointing with hand planes. Skee called in, he was curious about the use of different wood species within the same project and how you balance that. Are there rules or guidelines that you use? Matt thought it was a matter of matching up the grain pattern. Marc thought it was a personal choice and that exotics were very good for accents. Marc and Matt received a comment from J.T. concerning his new purchase of the Leigh FMT mortise and tenon jig. He has had outstanding results-makes for a perfect joint. A definite time saver. Marc and Matt welcome any comments on the FMT. They would love to see any projects from their viewers.

First email from Mike who has a moisture issue on his cast iron tool tops. His question was how do I remove rust from cast iron and prevent it from happening again. What can I coat the cast iron with and where can I buy it? The guys suggested checking out the forums and Marc also explained his technique to remove rust. A novice in fine woodworking wrote in to ask if the guys had any suggestions or tips on how to deal with twisted or cupped stock. Matt suggested cutting into smaller pieces and working around the defect. If a board is going to twist it will. Marc also mentioned, don’t be afraid to scrap a piece. Skee had a question of structure versus weight. How do you know how much weight the stucture you build can take? Are there common rules of thumb about size and span that they can cover? Matt suggested woodbin.com, the project design and furniture standard section. The second part to question was a concern on driveway. What can I do to clean up material? Marc recommends TSP and wire brush.

Daryl wanted to know what they would recommend to use for dovetails? The guys agreed that everyone has a different opinion on this. Daryl’s second part to his question involved needing help tuning a old Bailey jack plane and a Stanley smoothing plane? Matt directed him to check out the video podcast at mattsbasementworkshop.com. The Basics of tuning up planes.

Their next question was a request to provide a source or list of wood species and their toxicity. Matt recommended staying away from holly. Marc suggested that there is no good dust. You should always wear a respirator. Here are some helpful links:

Health Hazards in Woodworking
Botanical Database

Ty’s question was, how do you pay for downloads? Marc mentioned that there are a lot of free resources out there. The standard upkeep of the site is where the cost comes in. Roberto had a question that dealt with a Norm Abrams show where Norm dealt with loose mortise and tenon joints. Scott wrote in with a question for Marc. He wanted to know more details about working with David Marks, and if Marc would ever consider giving the same opportunity. Marc recommended checking out djmarks.com.

Also an email from a serious hobbyist asking for a suggestion for a planer. Matt suggests a Rigid lunchbox planer. But as always, it depends on a person’s budget. Then we have Louis who is working on a bed for his baby daughter. He wanted to ask the guys on their experiences with shellac. Marc and Matt agreed that the shellac would work well in this application. Recommended spraying it on. Then finally, we have Kevin who wanted to know what the guys thought about a combo jointer planer. He purchased the 6″ versus the 8″ joiner and currently has a lunch box planer. Neither Marc or Matt are fans of the combo. An 8″ jointer would save time and trouble.

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If you can afford Rhino Linings, you will NEVER need to refinish like with epoxy. I ave removed stain from my floor with acetone and a wire brush. Good luck. Love you guys and all the info

Oh wow! Your first voicemail from Nicole had me busting at laughing at work! Thanks for aiding in me causing a scene. HILARIOUS!


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