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– What’s been keeping us busy all summer,
– The woodworking styles you should probably get to know,
– Our favorite recent woodworking articles,
– Some cool crap going on in the forums.

What’s on the Bench:
Marc – Wood Talk Online Radio and the Wood Talk Online Forum. The Chest of Drawers is done!
Matt – Started Ron Brese Small Smoother Plane Kit and a Walnut side board for some friends. BUT I’ve spent most of my summer renovating a portion of an old Lazy Boy furniture warehouse space into my wife’s new photo studio (roll that beautiful footage)
Shannon – 2 Adirondack chairs, Hepplewhite Bookcase, Bevy of Boxes, Claw Feet, Designs for Christmas Card Table and Trestle or French Country Table, Jefferson Desk

Woodworking in America
Fourth annual Mid-Hudson Woodworkers Show Saturday September 25 at the Hurley Reformed Church in Hurley New York $3 admission

From listener Jeremy Hopkins”
“I know you have provided a great service, and have spent time “perfecting” the art of woodworking – at least as much as anything fluid is ever perfected – but I had a question concerning what you felt were the three styles of furniture that every woodworker should attempt, if not feel that they have achieved some level of “mastery” over. Yes, I realize this can open a can of worms as to what constitutes mastery, but that is not the field of this request. I’m more concerned with starting points than ending points at this particular moment. Should a woodworker attempt Stickley, or Federal, or perhaps some other style? Or does it remain in the best interest to rarely venture outside of the Shaker realm?”

Articles/Blog Posts:
Marc – Woodworker West Sept/Oct. 2010 Profile: The Maloof Legacy
Matt – A visit to the Design Doctor Sept/Oct 2010 FWW
Shannon: Gottschall Block, Bob Lang

From the Forum:
Avoidance Behavior: started by Bobby Slack
Table Saws, Granite vs cast iron table top: Started by Aaron B

Sweet Deals:
Highland Woodworking
Earlex HV 3500 HVLP Spray System $129.99
Triton 10″ Sliding Miter Saw $199.99
Eagle America – Huge Cutting Tool Sale – Save up to an additional 20%! All router bits, shaper cutters and saw blades including sets and clearance items. Ends September 15, 2010.
Sears Friends and Family Sale– Sat. Sept. 11th – Extra 10% off tools but 20% off other stuff.

Erin Missouri – Difference between bevel chisels and bench chisels?
Roberto – Working with Bamboo. Special precautions, blades, etc.?
Mike NJ – Electrolytic rust removal.

Guest Tips:
Tom’s Tip – Enough room for your projects?
Visit Tom’s site, Toms Workbench
Kari’s tip – Inspiration from old stuff.
Visit Kari’s site, The Village Carpenter.

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