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This is a special on location version of Wood Talk Online Radio, recorded in my hotel room at Woodworking in America 2010. Joining us for a lively discussion are Tom Iovino from TomsWorkbench.com and Adam King from WoodworkersJourney.com. Of course you already know Matt Vanderlist from MattsBasementWorkshop.com. Unfortunately, Shannon couldn’t make it so he’s conspicuously absent.

We discuss our thoughts and impressions of the show, including the marketplace and the educational sessions. The conference itself was incredible, but the real attraction for us was clearly the interaction with our fellow woodworkers. Putting faces to names and avatars really takes these friendships to the next level and you can hear the excitement in our voices. Now on a technical note, the audio isn’t regular Wood Talk Online quality but it was the best I could do given the scenario.

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The bandsaw set-up you’re talking about (not worrying about top and bottom wheel being co-planer is what Alex Snodgrass from Carter has been preaching for years. Like you said, it makes sense. With good guides and tires and proper alignment why would they have to be co-planer. I purchased their bandsaw stabilizer this year and that guide actually pushed the blade out of alignment by design. The top wheel is tilted back to counteract the forward force of the guide. For what it’s worth, I highly recommend that guide. It makes a blade turn corners like it’s several sizes smaller.

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