On today’s show we’ll be discussing our favorite articles from the magazines and the blogosphere, a few good posts coming from the Wood Talk Online forum, and how to fix an exposed Domino or biscuit. We’ll also have a fun game of Pick the Fake Story, and we’ll have a little technique roundtable that I think you guys are really going to enjoy.

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What’s on the Bench:
Marc – Painting the Advent Calendar
Matt – Brese plane is done!
Shannon – walnut card table

Articles/Blog Posts:
Marc – Cutting Edge First Aid FWW Tools & Shops 2010
Matt – $5 for a 1/8? Twist Drill? Only in America? – “John’s Blog”
Shannon: Giant Cypress: Overheard at a Lie Nielsen Tool Show – NOT SAFE FOR WORK OR LITTLE EARS!
The Saw Blog

From the Forum:
Power Tools and Hand Tools Living Happily Together?
Beginner’s Tool List
Frustrated by Cutting a Straight Line
Gretchin’s Cradle

Steve – Bandsaw resawing issue.
Dyami – exposed Domino on walnut surface

12 replies on “WT77”

I LOVED the Kashi references! I especially loved them because the wife was in the shop while Marc was talking about it on the podcast. She promptly moved on!

But $300 is a lot of money. You know it’s morons like you that are repsonsible for the GD Walmarts in every town in this country……

HAA!! Still laughing….

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