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What’s on the Bench:
Marc – Working on the finishing e-book.
Matt – finally adding archived MBW episodes dating back to the first episode, Samantha’s coffee table
Shannon – new job, HTS lesson 5, gifts, designing a stool

Movie Review:

Articles/Blog Posts:
Shannon – duplicate content and different perspectives. English Framing square in Pop Wood
Matt – Schwarz shop tour (most envious of the large windows and wooden floor)

From the Forum:
A Year in the Life of a Furniture Maker by Dale Osowski

Staining Oak End Grain

Opinions on the Thien Baffle
Should Roberto buy the Shopsmith Dust Collector?

Tom’s Tip – A pencil makes a great push stick.

16 replies on “WT78”

Looks like a great episode, boys. Sorry I missed the live broadcast last night. I’ll catch it as soon as I sync my ipod.

Any chance of moving back to Wednesdays? To be selfish, they work best for me. Regardless of day, keep it up.

Hey man. Sorry you missed it too! As for the day of the week, there are two factors at play. So far, it seems we have more fun on Fridays. And secondly, the Wednesday space is getting a little crowded…..*coughcough**AdamKing**coughcough**. 😉

Mark, Matt and Shannon, thanks for the great show! I downloaded this episode on iTunes and copied it over to my iPhone, but for some reason, the only thing I can hear out of the whole hour is the music at the beginning and the end. Between those, it’s just silent! The same thing happened in another recent show (I can’t remember which one). All other episodes (except this one and another one) play fine on my iPhone/iPod. On this episode, I can hear the audio fine when I play the Podcast from within my Google Reader. Just wanted to let you guys know. Thanks and keep the show going strong!

Now that’s odd. The file is just a simple MP3 and iTunes, Google, and any other readers are going to pull the same file from the same source. I honestly have no idea what might be causing that to happen Julien. I use an iPhone myself and the episode is playing as expected.

Hey Mark, fwiw, I use a first generation iPhone, with the latest version of iOS. If nobody else is having this issue as well, then it might just be something on my end (although it’s very strange that I can hear the intro music just fine…)

Hey Julien. You might notice Markus has an issue below too. I suppose if there is a issue with the mix, that would explain both problems. The trouble is, the episode is recorded in mono so there really shouldn’t be any channel separation.

Maybe it was because I wasn’t in the chat room being distracted by Tom going “Domo Arigato Mr. Roberto…”,but this was one of the most hilarious episodes I’ve heard in a while. “Don’t make me get the hose” nearly made me spew the gulp of water I’d just taken. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, etc to all of you and you keep singing Shannon. Make that degree pay!!!

Just listening to this episode, but there only sound coming from the left channel. Just hope nothing important was said in the right one;) Music is playing in both but all the cool wood talk is in one channel. Tried it both from my browser and from file on my phone.

Keep up the good work!
Best regard

Great episode as usual guys! My woodshop class in highschool was very much like what you guys described. It wasn’t unusual to see textbooks being cut in half on the bandsaw, kids throwing wood at the table saw to try and make it kick back and I could go on and on! haha Merry Christmas and Thanks for all you do!

Speaking of woodworking featured in movies, I recently saw a movie called “A Simple Curve” on hulu.com which highlights some very nice woodworking.

Saw that trailer searching for something else on youtube. Will have to check it out. Great episode. Curious if you guys know of any other movies with woodworking elements. I’ve seen “a simple curve” but don’t know of any other.

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