On today’s show we’ll be discussing lessons learned about hand planing, Popular Woodworking’s new website, setting up shop, as well as our favorite articles, blog posts, and Wood Talk Online Forum posts.

What’s on the Bench:

Shannon – What to do with the monster African Mohogany plank and using foam core for a prototype.
Matt – Assembling the Hock shoulder plane kit.
Marc – Moving the shop!

Around the Web:

Pop Woodworking’s new website


Setting up the shop and how our shops constantly evolve.

Around the Web:

– From Daniel Russell sent us this link. Maybe next show we’ll do something similar for woodworking tools. 12 Essential Tools for a Toolbox
– Hawaii’s Woodshow: The 19th annual juried show is April 8-17 in Honolulu.
– WIA 2011 announces dates Sept 30-Oct 2 but only the dates, no news yet on registration, lecturers…more importantly the marketplace.

Common Task Quiz:

– Cutting Miters?
– Cutting Compound Miters?
– Breaking down stock from the mill?
– Fixing an ill fitting mortise and tenon?


– Ty Allan had a question about hand saws.
– Dr. Daniel Gardner asked for advice on breaking down stock.

7 replies on “WT80”

hahaha! this was one of my favorites!

1. you mentioned surfboards, and wooden surfboards! i’m currently making one that you can check out on my blog but that’s besides the point.

2. you mentioned hawaii, where i live! so yes, you do have a hawaiian listener!

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