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On today’s show we WILL NOT be discussing what saws a beginning woodworker really needs. But we just might talk about taxes, the future of woodworking, as well as a butt load of content from the magazines, blogs, and forums. We are NOT live today!

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What’s on the Bench

Shannon – dovetailing cherry carcasses
Matt – plywood arrived, wal-eyed cutting boards
Marc – Cross cut sled, designing G&G Adirondack chair, the new book

Magazine RoundUp

Switch to Spraying Water-Based Finishes by Teri Masaschi (Fine Woodworking, June 2011)
How To Make Thick Light Tabletops by Brian Sargent (Fine Woodworking, June 2011)
Case Closed (Fine Woodworking, June 2011)

Around the Web

Chris Pye’s new subscription woodcarving site
The Anarchists Toolchest is coming soon
Andrew Lunn of Eccentric Toolworks leaves the saw making market
This is Carpentry – Gary Katz
Studley Tool Chest with Norm at Furnitude


Laird asked our opinions on the future of the woodworking craft and whether woodworking will become a more viable career path as the world moves toward more sustainable products and less “disposable” furniture.


In honor of Tax Day, we had informal discussion about our personal business/tax situations as they concern our woodworking.

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