On today’s show, we are leaking………..the class list for Woodworking in America that is! We’ll also share our picks for the best articles from the magazines, our favorite content from around the web, and any other news from the woodworking world and the Wood Talk Online Forum.

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What’s on the Bench:

Shannon – Tool cabinet (bite off too much?), Bow saw kit
Matt – Client bookcases, scratching head on corner piece.
Marc – Buying some sweet mahogany.

Magazine RoundUp:

Popular Woodworking June 2011 – Secrets of the Sector
Popular Woodworking June 2011 – The Craft Classics in Just 5?
WOOD Magazine ?Why Buy Big When Bentop Will Do?”

From the Forum:

Shop Progression
Modern Woodworkers
1/4″ Plywood – Am I Crazy?

Around the Web:

Silas Kopf’s New Site – Amazing marquetry
Woodworker’s Journal Videos
Fine Woodworking Shop Planner
The Festool Sweepstakes
My Most Recent Favorite Example of Japanese Woodworking
AllTop.com Woodworking Category
Cast Iron Honing Plates For Diamond Paste

Woodworking in America 2011:

Sept. 30th – Oct. 2nd and it promises to be the biggest and baddest one yet! Featured instructors include…..
David Charlesworth, Roy Underhill, Charles Brock, Peter Follansbee, Ron Herman, Jay Van Arsdale, Adam Cherubini, Brian Boggs, Chuck Bender, Robin Lee, Thomas Lie-Nielsen, Jeff Headley, Steve Hamilton, Glen Huey, Megan Fitzpatrick, Christopher Schwarz, Robert Lang, Ajax Alexandre, and Steve Shanesy.


Download WIA Class Descriptions
Download WIA Extracurricular Events


Shannon is also looking for cool content ideas. Send him your links to any content you post concerning WIA and he’ll help you get a little extra exposure. He also needs plans for a good helmet mount for his iPhone or a chest mount. Best suggestion will receive a free Hand Tool School t-shirt.

WIA Class List Favorites:

Shannon: Jay van Arsdal – Shoji, Chuck Bender – Furniture: Good the bad and the ugly, Adam Cherubini – Nailed Furniture of the 18th Century: The Other Traditional Furniture Style

Matt: The Contrarian Cabinetmaker – Steve Shanesy, Saw Sharpening Demystified – Ron Herman, Secret Drawers and Hidden Compartments – Chuck Bender

Marc: Charles Brock – The Sculpted Rocker, Charles Brock – Sculpting by Hand and Power, Jay van Arsdal – Japanese Joinery 101

13 replies on “WT84”

The female intro … “wood werkers” .. “wood wackers”??? Yikes! :~D

I thought the enviro information was really interesting. But of course, that’s my field.

Oh, I read a post on lumber jocks re: books recommended by Popular Woodworking June 2011 ? The Craft Classics in Just 5?. Where are the women? I had to agree with him.

Yes, on the cams for WIA! I can’t make it. Helmet cam, helmet cam!!!

Thanks as always for doing this, I always learn something and generally laugh my way through it.

I concur about the lovely lady.

You guys definitely need a good looking sexy sounding lady to add a little spice to the show. Could be like “Tool Time”, Tim, Al, and the lovely Lisa or Heidi.

Either way, bring her back on for the next show and just talk about what she wants to talk about 🙂

On the proportions, Shannon mentioned that tables are normally the height is 4/7 of the width, and drawer handles are 2/3 of the height of the drawer front from the bottom. Is there someplace to find more of the “normal ratio’s”

One thing I found annoying with the Shop Planner tool was that it required a minimum shop size and my space (10’x22′) is smaller than the size.

Did Nicole learn an English accent? Lol. I’d love to come to WIA, but I’ll be starting college at that point. >:(

Watched the youtube video for japaneese woodworking…that was great! I really wish that I had that much time on my hands.

I guess they really are wood whackers…they just coordinate the sounds that result….and why don’t we have a wood phone here?

New Guild Build idea: Wood cases for your iPhone and iPad…

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