On today?s special live edition of Wood Talk Online Radio, we?ll be discussing leaving a woodworking legacy, popping the grain on non-figured woods, Popular Woodworking goes digital, and other stuff and things! We?ll also have some voicemails, emails, and the common task quiz.

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Lim’s voicemail kicks off a conversation about building for your personal legacy.


Pop WW?ing goes digital?
Adam King steps down from managing Twitter #woodchat
Charger?s maiden voyage Adirondack Guide Boat


Louis asks about popping the grain in redwood.

Common Task Quiz:

You are making a table top for an end table. The top is compose of three boards. Do you alternate the end grain or no?
This same table decides to cup one year later. Its causing a separation from the table aprons. What do you do?

Chat Room Questions

What makes a woodworking class good? – ShawnG
Do your co-workers listen to WTOR? – Jim

9 replies on “WT86”

I have just subscribed to the print version. Literally last week!
According to the pop woodworking website FAQ they are not currently offering a dual subscription to both the paper version and electronic version at the moment but will revisit it in a couple of months.
They are also looking at possible conversion from paper to electronic subscriptions but it’s not been offered at the moment.
Are there any other woodworking mags that anybody knows of that are offered electronically?

Correct me if I’m wrong but… If you’re a member of finewoodworking.com you also get access all the articles in the print magazine. They post them at around the same time each issue comes out. However, each article must be downloaded separately. I don’t believe you can download the whole magazine as 1 pdf.

Loved the little easter egg at the end…. reminds me of the after credits of a Marvel movie. a set up for a possible sequel?

A number of years ago I had the pleasure to attend a seminar by Jim Heavey at the Woodworking Show. Jim had two suggestions for woodworkers; do not point out flaws in your project and sign or mark your work. Jim hides a shinny new penny on his projects; the penny has the same date as the project completion date. I like the idea of the penny over a silver coin because I don’t think anyone would dig a penny out of the bottom of a piece of furniture but they might dig out a silver dollar.

You guys should think about making a ‘real’ version of Craimer’s soundboard. It would go well (with a few different options) with the normal banter during your ‘lively discussions’.

A few additional items for the sound board: Sawstop being stopped, normal power tools in the shop, someone asking ‘where’s my finger?’, sounds of hand tools, garage door opening, etc, etc.

If it wouldn’t add to the level of the humor in the program, then ‘never mind’ 🙂

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