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And we’re back!

Since Woodworking in America just took place last week, we devote the entire episode to discussing everyone’s impressions of the event. We hear from Tom Iovino, Tom Buhl, Nik Brown, Matt Gradwohl, Dyami Plotke, and Aaron Marshall.

Since most of this feedback comes from the active blogging community, I can imagine how we might show some bias. So if you went to WIA, give us some feedback on the event! We’d love to hear from you!

4 replies on “WT89”

Welcome guys, I’ve missed your shenanigans. I was so inspired by the show I tried to find a similar event in the UK and there is, in about a years time, it runs every two years. :o(. One thought I did have, if the main fun was had informally in the market place, why not have a kind of free-festival meet-up, maybe a camping weekend some place nice and easy to get too. You could all have a few beers, mingle and take stock of the wood working fraternity. You could call it “WoodtalkStock”.

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