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Today we discuss our 2012 woodworking resolutions. Shannon plans on finally taking a 5-day Windsor Chair class, Matt plans on re-organizing his shop (for the last time??), and Marc plans on doing more client work and pushing his personal skill set.

As part of the discussion, we mentioned Roy Underhill’s School, William Ng’s School, and Easy Wood Tools.

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In reply to Shannon’s question on how many people watch the End Table Series. I have watched the entire series 5 times this year. Granted I am a stay-at-home Dad and new woodworker, I still learn something new each time. Perhaps it is because I am in the stage of designing or finishing when I hear what I need at the time. I have also watched the cutting board, pencil holder, and magazine rack episodes a dozen times or so to help me develop my basic skills. I scroll through the archive on a weekly basis as my son naps. It gives me my woodworking fix and education all in the 2 hours I have free.

Two things:
1. I usually download the mp3 to a zip drive and then play it on my SYNC/USB thing in my car. Really cool. Just like listening to WTO on a radio station.
2. During the discussion something came up about the cost of classes. David Marks classes are also very reasonable. Usually around $875 for a 5 day class. 3 day classes are less. Cost includes materials/lunch and afternoon Victoria’s brownies! Usually you go home with a project. And a major plus is Victoria’s brownies!!!!!

Really enjoy WTO

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