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On today’s show, its all about listener mail!

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Shane and Ryan both asked for our recommendation on the must-have tools for the beginner.
Doug wants to know what oil he should use for rust prevention on his hand planes.
Bruce wants to know how to finish his maple and walnut chess board.

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Oh no!!! I’ve caught up. My hajj to Marca (pun intended with no offense intended to Matt and Shannon) is completed. I’ve listened to every old show to date.

My next step is to call in with my question (it’s a two parter) because I haven’t heard it asked to date and am wondering what the three of you would do. Thanks for the ride gentlemen. I’ve enjoyed the mix of hosts (adding Shannon was great), the mix of tool use styles, the reviews, the honest commentary, the laughs (chortles included Matt), the people who call in and ask the same questions, the idiots who post negative comments in the reply section and get jumped, et al.

Here is to looking forward to many more shows! Perhaps if we listen long enough we’ll hear Mateo doing the show intro.

I just re-listened to this episode last night and I thought of something that might be useful for folks. Matt was talking about the wood-bodied plane he made with the Hock kit and he said he didn’t think there were plans available to go with the blades. Ron actually does have several plans you can get for his various blade widths. Go to the bottom of this page: http://www.hocktools.com/PI.htm
I used a set of those planes to make my wooden smoother. Good stuff.
Keep up the great work!

For the pore filling, just do a spit coat of dewaxed 1 lb cut shellac then timbermate pore filler. The shellac will prevent staining and will seal of the maple

As far as for prevention of rust I use Ballistol. I just soak a rag and store in a can that I pull out every time after I sharpen, clean and put away tools, and other items. A good coat of Ballistol seems to control the rust on not only my fine woodworking tools just as does on garden tools and other items.

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