WT258 – Shannon Bought It

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On today’s show we’re talking about bent lamination stability, jigsaw work with hand tools, and unsticking sticky drawers.

What’s on the Bench?

  • Marc epoxied his outdoor bench
  • Matt facing a cabinet build without a tablesaw
  • Shannon turned away a few hours making small stuff

What’s New?


  • Charles, David, and Mike (real CPAs and Attorneys) all left great comments about business models
  • Eric, a young accountant, called in to say we were right! Just make sure you file your income and be consistent with deductions
  • Keith, a Home Depot employee, says that more hardwoods may be coming to Home Depot.
  • Jared mentioned using a long sliding dovetail for a breadboard.


Mike called in with a question about making a Roubo style frame saw.


  • James wants to know if cutting joinery into his bent laminated legs will weaken them.
  • Mike is wondering about a hand tool solution for cutting sound holes in a Cajon drum.
  • Mark wants to know how to keep his drawers from sticking in the case.

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4 replies on “WT258 – Shannon Bought It”

Hey guys, had to comment on the wooden toothbrush joke that marc made. They are widely used in the middle east; looks like a small tree branch and you peel the bark off the tip to expose the wood fibers for brushing your teeth. used to be the only way to go for dental hygiene many centuries ago before the days of toothpaste, and are still in use today mainly as a religious ritual throughout the day. If you’re having a hard time imagining what they look like just google the word Miswak and see what comes up. They are often soaked in spices and leave a nice after taste.

Lee Valley has a keyhole saw with a high tooth count (for a keyhole saw) and Japanese pocket saws that might be useful for a Cajon. They also have a handle for reciprocating saw blades which lets you use the blade manually, and that opens up all kinds of possibilities for blades.

On another note, and not meaning to sound like a Lee Valley commercial, I use their magnetic saw guide and I believe they still sell it. I’m constrained to a “micro shop” which means no table saw. I use the guide to help me cut the tops off of small boxes where being off by a little is really noticeable.

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