WT298 – Marc’s Daddy’s Money

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On today’s show we’re talking about apartment-friendly finishes, using a rabbet block plane, sawing up some old logs, and our featured topic: how many projects we’ve made for our own homes.

What’s On the Bench

  • Marc is editing Matt’s sofa table videos and has a public service message about woodworking plan scams.
  • Matt is making base molding.
  • Shannon is thinking about outdoor furniture.

What’s New

  • Mark shared a video about a portable saw mill.
  • Shane shared a video called “The Birth of a Wooden House”, very cool stuff!


  • Eric called in to say his daughter loves to listen to WoodTalk and now wants to build a chair.
  • Joe wants to know when Matt is going to get his own bio.
  • Tommaso likes his drill press mortising attachment because it offers greater capacity than his bench top mortiser.
  • Wil recommends using screws in the unseen side of a piece in place of painter’s pyramids when finish both sides.
  • Brian has shipped furniture all over without wood movement issues. He says you need to worry more about it getting damaged in transit.

Featured Topics

  • Richard asks: you are all prolific woodworkers, so how much of the furniture in your homes have you built? I’d be interested to know what proportion of your furniture is your own work, what kind of pieces you’ve made for the home, any sets you’ve built or are working on, things you would like to add to the home collection, as well as whether there are any pieces in the house that you (or your wives) perhaps wish you hadn’t made.


  • Chris is looking for a low odor finish so he can finish in his apartment workshop.
  • Phil and Steve have questions about milling up logs into lumber.
  • Brian got a Lie Nielsen block plane and wonders if he is supposed to grind down the blade to be flush with the sole.

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9 replies on “WT298 – Marc’s Daddy’s Money”

Re 298. Kitchen cab’s are a fun build. Just take sheet goods and make something very good looking. Have used Aldrer,hickory,oak,mesquite 3/16 veneer. Many stiles and stains. Mark have you ever used mesquite for builds? If not why not,available in tucson, but in rough sawn. Very heavy, and hard,golden brown.

Hey guys. I just wanted to chime in on the whole furnishing the house debate. One of my favorite “TV designers” Candice Olsen, who designs in many different “styles” said once there is no rule that anything has to match. The key is that everything is nice. You can mix and match Art Deco,Mission,Mid-Century Modern etc. The problem is when you actually DO start down the road of a designated “theme”. The most important thing is each piece be good design. If so, it will go with anything.

At least, that is the approach I’m sticking with, as I plan on building a lot and don’t want constraints.

What a contrast of two different videos!
If you watch one, it should be ‘Birth of a wooden house’,
If you have time to watch both, don’t, watch ‘Birth of a wooden house’ twice.

A couple of observations on 298:
I’m excited to hear that dining chairs are high on Mark’s to-do list. Hopefully they’ll be a guild build to match the gaming table.

My wife complains that I never build anything that we can keep; nearly everything I’ve made has been given away as gifts. However, when I ask her what she wants… she has no ideas. (I haven’t told her about the upcoming gaming table build)
Love the show, Thanks guys!

Just following up on the discussion in wt297 about the new side clamping accessory for Veritas honing guide. Tried to find it online but come up blank, anyone got a link they can throw in? Thx, Scott.

How do u distinguish the difference types of trees Matt I really want to cut down some simple trees in my yard how down tell the types of trees I see u do in your videos

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