WT301 – It’s All About Diresta

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On today’s show we’re talking about Gaming Table improvements, round bottom spokeshaves, ditching the miter saw, and clamp walls vs rolling clamp racks.

What’s On the Bench

  • Marc finally ordered his copy of Mortise & Tenon Magazine.
  • Matt is cutting slabs with his manly chainsaw rig.
  • Shannon took a disappointing trip to Williamsburg, VA.

What’s New

  • Woodworking in America’s web site is now live where you can register and check out the class schedule
  • The Samurai Woodworker builds a workbench.
  • The Video Woodworkers will be at The Woodworking Show in Atlanta, GA this weekend. Go make a video of them making videos of woodworking at tear a hole in the fabric of space time.


  • Luke bought a stack dado then had a kickback incident
  • Jay has some thoughts on the wobble dado vs a stacked dado

Featured Topics

  • Do you store clamps on the wall or on a rolling rack? Would you ever switch and why? Thanks to Alex for this topic.


  • Ralph has some chainsaw mill questions


  • Brian is thinking about getting rid of his miter saw and wants to know if this is a good idea.
  • Alex bought a round bottom spokeshave and has gotten pretty good with it and now wonders if he needs a flat bottom one.
  • RA wants to know if Marc would redesign anything on his gaming table several months later.

Finally, More Poetry!

Huge thanks to Allen McGruder for his deep thoughts

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7 replies on “WT301 – It’s All About Diresta”

Hi, I’ve stumbled upon this website woodriver.eu where they extol the virtues of deep river wood and compare it to diamonds because something akin to “geological transformations” happened to the wood. What do you guys think or know about this? Is this such a precious material?

Thanks, Hernan

Re: Ep. 301/Clamps on wall v. cart

Hey Guys,

Love the show. I’m new to woodworking, always biting off more than I can chew and you guys help flatten my steep learning curve each week.

I agree with the consensus on the clamp storage on the wall versus a cart- it really does depend on the configuration of the shop. I have a garage shop and thought I migh share my solution in case others might find it useful.

My shop is small and floor space is limited. But I share the garage with my wife’s gardening equipment, shelves of camping gear, etc. so wall space is even more limited. I needed a cart and built one that works great. It has 2 sides, one the holds clamps and the other that holds power tools accessories (table saw blades, arbor wrenches, push blocks, dado stack and so on). The height and width of the sides is determined by my clamp inventory, for me about 5′ high and 3′ wide. Each side is slightly angled, 7.5 degrees, creating a trapezoidal profile. The angles help keep the stored items from bouncing around or even falling off when the cart is moved about.

Keep up the good work!

Jay M.

Gearing up for my first WIA and I am extremely looking forward to taking your Hand Saw class, Shannon! It’s true, I could see legends like Wilbur Pan, Roy Underhill or the featured speaker, Freddy Roman, but COME ON… you’re THE RENAISSANCE WOODWORKER, co-host of Wood Talk and colleague to the “legen”…wait for it, wait for it..”dary” Wood Whisperer. You’re in a league of your own, my friend. I was super excited when I first read the schedule and you were teaching that class, so definitely count me in!! I also want to find a time to take a class Mr. Cremona, as well. Glad to see that Wood Talk is well represented at WIA this year (The Chortle Awakens). See you all there!

I’m not seeing how dado blades being aligned on the teeth could cause a kickback. Kickback is caused by something being pushed into the blade and I’m not seeing how misaligned blades/chippers could cause that. The only thing I can think of right now is if the rabbet was being cut with the board between the fence and dado blade instead of using a sacrificial fence. This could allow the board to twist and get bound up and thrown.

If all the teeth are aligned together, it looks like one very wide tooth. It might be similar to trying to take a 1/4″ wood shaving with a handplane.

Hey – why can’t Matt plug his class at WIA? He’s got an 8:30 on Friday. Come on, Matt – I thought you said the video woodworkers were good at self-promotion!
Enjoying the show – keep up the good work, guys.

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