WT303 – Marc Has a Splinter

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On today’s show we’re talking about chisel handling, lubing plunge posts, and choosing hardware

What’s On the Bench

  • Shannon is cutting bridle joints
  • Matt went to Atlanta for The Woodworking Show

What’s New

  • Matt is teaching at WIA too, you should go to his classes.
  • Jeff sent us an article about transparent wood. This is not an April Fools joke.
  • Dusty sent us an article about Apple buying a bunch of really long wooden tables.

April Fools Stuff

  • Quilted Northern Makes Artisanal Toilet Paper.
  • Veritas wins April Fools Day again with their Precision Rotary Tool Holder.
  • Lie Nielsen shared their new Lego Jointer plane
  • Axminster Tools has taken woodturning to the VR world.


  • Derek has some kickback about HVLP spraying and what he does between coats.

Featured Topics

  • How do your choose your hardware for your finished projects.


  • Luis wants to know if it is necessary to lube the posts of his plunge router.
  • Jason keeps cutting his fingers on the edges of his chisels and wonders how to fix this.

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9 replies on “WT303 – Marc Has a Splinter”

Thanks for sharing these AFD ones I had missed. the TP is “memorable”. Dig the VR woodturning, though it would have been good to see him get a catch on the skew, and then “undo”.

Shannon I’m surprised that you, as a hand tool woodworker, did not give better advice to Jason about his cutting his fingers. There is a product called High-Friction Guard tape, can be found here http://www.leevalley.com/US/Wood/page.aspx?p=31213&cat=1,130,43332 which can protect against these annoying cuts and does not require modification of your tools. It also helps you get a better grip without having to supply more force, which further reduces your chance of injury. If you’ve never tried the stuff it is amazing. I use it when handling glass as well. There is a learning curve on how tightly to wrap it(if your fingers start turning purple or they go numb) remove it and reapply a little looser.

Hiya guys, enjoyed the show like the previous ones. I almost drove off the road laughing when Shannon told about his greatest fear as a presenter (silent crowd).

I strongly suggest not to plan on presenting in Finland, Europe as its a national feature to be polite and not disturb the presenter with questions during or after the presentation. This behaviour is seen as quite disturbing by especially Americans, but also most other talkatuve cultures feel uncomfortable with the defeaning silence.

So I just looked up the Power8Workshop and it seems there is a DIY and Pro version of the unit. I noticed the slop that Matt was talking about on the DIY (green & black) but the Pro (black & blue) did not seem to have the same issue. I have only been able to find the one video though and it’s in German.


I only use traditional hand tools for everything, even milling, but this seems like a nice “cheater” box.

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