WT 308 – Exercise Matt


On today’s show we’re talking about dealing with pitch in your 2×4’s, rabbets planes, back pain, and our featured topic, how often function dictates our wood choice.

A few folks expressed interest in getting a copy of our Intro song from Andrew Allen. You can download a copy here.

What’s On the Bench

  • Marc finished up the Barrister bookcase and will be turning something on his next project
  • Shannon has a sick dog and was only able to smell his shop this week
  • Matt came through at the last minute with a great Mother’s Day gift

What’s New

  • Don’t forget the good stuff you can win this month on The Wood Whisperer giveaway
  • Mike Waldt has a great video on turning a lidded box.
  • Peter got a new web domain and used the .furniture domain and this could be an alternative for makers.
  • Tom shared an interesting video of some crazy woodworking.
  • Silas Kopf MarquetrySilas Kopf does it again with breathtaking marquetry








  • Dave Picciuto made exotic wood pencils!


  • Brian, Michael, and Andrew all had useful feedback on the mortiser vs Domino question from last week.
  • Tommaso shared a tip for dealing with glue on your pipe clamps
  • Mark reminded us that a close fit chipbreaker is also essential to controlling tear out.

Poll of the Week

Do Your Projects Always Go Smoothly?

Featured Topics

  • Does function or form determine what kinds of wood you use in your projects?


Mr Foul Mouth wants to know if he should de-bark his logs before sawing into boards.


  • Sean wants to know how to deal with 2x4s and their sticky, stinky sap.
  • Wilson is in the market for a rabbet plane and wants some advice.
  • Ron is seeking a solution to his shop time induced lower back pain.

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19 replies on “WT 308 – Exercise Matt”

Regarding the discussion on appropriate Mother’s Day gifts, our mom had a rule. No gifts with a handle. For example:

Vacuum cleaner – BAD. Perfume -GOOD.
New set of Pots and Pans – BAD. Beautiful silk scarf – GOOD.

You get the idea, but my Mother-in-law added this bit of wisdom. Truck load of fertilizer – VERY BAD. Yes, Father-in-law actually tried to pull that one off.

Guys, this is intended as a compliment. Seems like I have noticed the last two shows have been a little more freewheeling and fun. I get to laugh AND learn. Maybe this is just my imagination?

Thanks for the show intro. I set it as my ringtone as soon as I received your email. Now my wife makes fun of my ringtone now than when I had it set as Boyz II Men’s “I’ll make love to you. “

Hey Marc, Podcast Addict (the most popular of android podcast apps) seems not to like urls with a trailing slash. Your feed url is: http://www.woodtalkshow.com/episodes/feed

and that url does a 301 redirect to http://www.woodtalkshow.com/episodes/feed/ (note the trailing slash). This is wreaking havoc with PodcastAddict and it can’t fetch this url meaning Podcast Addict users won’t get WoodTalk anymore.

Wood talk is important enough to me to ditch the offending app, but it’s, by a wide margin, the most popular Android podcast app, so it might be worth trying to fix. Hope this helps and email me if you need someone to test this out.

Well that’s kinda silly on their part. Not sure if we can override that easily or without site-wide repercussions but I’ll see what we can do. Seems crazy since pretty much every other podcast app seems to be able to handle a trailing slash.

Heads up, Marc. It’s fixed. I don’t know if it was their latest update or yours but it works now…

It’s not fixed for me with podcast addict. Oddly enough, I delete the podcast and then readd, it will download the episode I want and then state the same error the guy above was getting. They are just not digging your RSS feed link.

Remember the 90’s when not every stupid part of your life needed troubleshooting? I just want to get my podcast on during the drive to work. 🙂

Android app “Podcast Addict” will not connect due to “permanently failed feed URL”. Just throwing it out there. Keep up the great work fellas!

I though I heard you say there would be a link for the opening music in the show notes, but I don’t see it. Is it here somewhere and I’m just missing it? Thanks!

Anything more on the “Podcast Addict” pod catcher app. I tried unsubscribing and then subscribe again. Still not working?

I use a lot of home center pine for making tables and other utility items for my shop. I’ve found that 1×12’s, the longer the better, give me good pieces to work with. I usually get them in 12′ lengths, and I’d get 16′ if I had a bigger truck. I can cut square pieces from the middle and avoid a lot of knots and other defects. I end up with a lot more scrap, but that’s what the burn bucket is for. I do loves me a good fire. 🙂

Please contact me in case you experience any issue with the app (Settings/Feedback).
I subscribed to the podcast and everything is working fine.
Make sure you’re using the latest version of the app in case you have an issue.

In case anybody else asks I just went into the settings and removed the trailing slash from the feed url and it worked

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