WT 309 – Matt Sandwich

On today’s show we’re talking about DIY projects and the tools we use to DIY.

What’s On the Bench

  • Shannon saw a 60 lb girl eat a 5 lb Chocolate Bar
  • New Matt is Urban Logging
  • Old Matt finished a kitchen remodel

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Juliano sent us an email…

this is more a curiosity, do you have a second set of tools to work around the house on DIY projects? I’m over careful with my woodworking expensive tool and I don’t want to use them to help me installing my laminated floor in the basement.

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15 replies on “WT 309 – Matt Sandwich”


Re: your questions about my boxing / grill salesman background, no, I’m just a retired service engineer in So Cal. Old Matt and I have traded a few emails about the joys of working on the road for a medical services company.

The name thing had it’s ups and downs in 34 years of traveling. Lost track of how many people said, “you look different on TV”! Being a fat old white guy, this stopped being funny early on.

Anyway, love the show. Sounds like you guys have as much fun making it as we have listening to it.

DIY tools. I have a simple tool set that I keep in the house. This prevents me from having to run between the house and the shop when I need a tool. But if I need larger tools, I use my shop tools.

I keep a second set of tools for working on the house. My shop is detached from my house and having to go out to get tools got frustrating. Also most of my DIY projects are dirty, either paint, dryway, or even tile. I want my nice tools clean when I am in the shop. If you have a detached or remote shop not lugging tools back and forth is nice

Just for others reference I keep the following in the house/garage for DIY work:
Air compressor
Small table saw
10″ miter saw
Circular saw
Drills corded and cordless
Drill bits
Tape measures
Screw drivers
and painting supplies

I have different sets of tools, but that’s because there’s virtually no overlap in functionality. I don’t use my hand planes for fix-it work, and I don’t use my claw hammer or pry bar when woodworking. The only exception is my cordless drill, which I use for just about everything; it sits in a wooden holster I made at the end of my bench so I can grab it quickly for either kind of project.

Same here! Very little of my woodworking kit would be helpful for a DIY project. I do not keep any DIY tools in my woodworking shop. I keep all that stuff in the basement. My wood shop is in the garage.

Every once in a while I will use my circular saw in the shop or a festool sanding kit in the house, but that is it.

Glad to hear this Matt again! we missed your ass lol. this new matt just cares about dovetails and just snickers and lols in the background.

1. The title should be “Chortles & Chuckles”. We could just refer to Matt C as Chuckles, and Matt V as Chortles. That would clear things up.
2. “Fudge off”? I thought this was a family show.

Hi, I’d like to correct what I think is an important technicality: with two Matts and a Shannon the correct name for the sandwich would be a “Shannon sandwich” because you would typically name the sandwich for the content rather than the bread right? Who would call any sandwich a bread sandwich? 😉 And then Marc would be the missing topping maybe even a rare one that in this particular episode the provider may have run out of but we will surely have more in the coming episodes! Great show! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!


Matt you are too special to pass up for simple mayo, c’mon! You would be like a very special spice you can only get at Zabars in NYC or similar specialty place! 😉

On separate tools. Not that rich to have separate sets, they just all get used on whatever job I’m doing.
On the discussion on furniture maker detail being applied to carpentry: As a high school woodshop teacher who also teaches construction, the level of detail & accuracy can become an issue. We laughingly say a thumb width is carpentry accuracy, yet I have to assess my students on +/-1mm tolerance, and then my cabinetry & furnishing students love to fill canyon size gaps with wood putty. I usually apply the “are you happy with that, is it quality” with my students. With my home diy & carpentry, I apply the “is my wife going to be happy with this?”

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