WT310 – Marc Got Lei’d

On today’s show we’re talking about attaching a butcher block top to a base, getting started in woodcarving, 110v jointers, and our featured topic, how to deal with shop frustration and maximizing limited time.

What’s On the Bench

  • Marc got lei’d
  • Shannon is building a scale model
  • Matt betrayed himself and went to a lumber yard, he was asked to leave

What’s New

  • Marc discovered a cool woodworker on Maui named Peter Naramore
  • Nate sent us an article about the desks in the White House
  • Glen shared a great video about a coffee table build and client interaction from the Four Eyes Channel.
  • Also check out Four Eyes’ Q&A video for a chortle.


  • Shawn shared a link to a new kind of noise reduction/headphones cause he doesn’t like big ear muffs.
  • Chris actually shot a video in his shop with a drone! (turn off the music)
  • Paul Marcel did a video on making wider Dominos
  • Allan shared an article about the downgrading of Walnut. You can also check out an article Shannon wrote with specifics on the Walnut Grades
  • Michael shared some feedback on DIY tools geared specifically for women and those tape measures with fractions on them.

PhotoShop Week on WoodTalk

Thanks to Aaron and DoingWhateverRy for these great images!

Featured Topics


  • Matt called in with serious router bit confusion
  • Jason asked us about “Speed Tenons”


  • Mark asked about getting started in woodcarving. Sign Up for Mary May’s online school, but here is an introductory carving chisel assortment.
    • 5 or 6mm V Gouge 60 degree angle
    • #3, 3mm, 6mm, & 14mm
    • #7 6mm and 14mm
    • #8 6mm & 10mm
    • #4, 14mm
  • Eric wants to know why 8″ Jointers don’t come in 110V motors
  • Jason needs help attaching a butcher block top

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8 replies on “WT310 – Marc Got Lei’d”

Mine felt a little snug too but I was afraid the next size up would be too loose. Especially since I’ve heard they will stretch ever so slightly over time. Sure enough, after a couple of days I noticed the fit is what I’d now call perfect.

It might have been an under exaggeration to say it was snug. It was choking my finger. I have a half size and rounded down instead of up like the recommended. It should be coming in the mail today. I can’t wait. I got my wife the desert rose one ,you know, cause she’s my desert rose.

Some kickback on the feature topic this week:
When I get frustrated by mistakes and feel like nothing is going right it the shop, I set myself up for success by switching to something ‘easier’. My shop time is extremely limited, and therefore quite valuable to me. Rather than leaving the shop to take a walk, or do something else, I just get away from whatever is causing my frustration. For example, I was having quite a bit of trouble with a keepsake box that I was making for my daughter’s birthday. Instead of closing up the shop, I put the unfinished box in the corner, grabbed a bunch of scraps and started a cutting board. It got my mind away from the frustration, but also allowed me to stay in the shop and enjoy “success” making something that had a relatively low chance of screw ups.

Thanks for the PlugFones tip! I love to mow and listen to wood talk, but my over the ear muffs get way too hot mid summer. These will be awesome! Ditto that for those epic sanding grind sessions – podcasts make them so much better!!

Keep up the great stuff guys!

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