WT311 – Mateo Says Hi!

On today’s show we’re going in-depth about what’s going on in our shops and we’ll also offer some general woodworking wisdom (if we have any)!

What’s On the Bench

  • Marc is pushing out video for the Barrister Bookcase and staring down the barrel of a summertime outdoor project in Arizona.
  • Shannon just received hardware for a Titanic Steamer Chair

What’s New

  • Brandon shared a video about a knitting CNC machine!

Featured Topic

Jeremy – Hey guys, I have a 1 year old, a shop that’s an hour from my house, and despite this, have started a woodworking business in addition to my full time job. I am quickly approaching my 31st birthday and have this question for yall as you have “a few more winters on you” than I do; knowing what you know now, is there a project, technique, material,etc you wish you would have taken on earlier in your woodworking career? Anything you wish you would have avoided, or tool you didn’t purchase? What was the best/worst obstacle you’ve faced? Any wisdom you could share would be appreciated.

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13 replies on “WT311 – Mateo Says Hi!”

Shannon, please post a link to where the hardware for the chair could be purchased. You really peaked my interest in this project.

Can you guys talk about wood working, enough of the editing process….!!
Create another podcast for production issues!
Our shop “Booed the show today”!!
Total thumbs down!
Please for the love of sawdust…. Less personal chat and more woodworking topics!!
Signed…. A very dissatisfied shop.

Thanks for the feedback Cleatus. The show will be undergoing a few format changes, including more personal free-form discussion. We don’t plan on talking about the video stuff all the time but it’s bound to come up. Remember, we have to enjoy doing the show too and those free-form discussions are incredibly fun for us. So while we hate to disappoint our audience, we feel that our energy and passion for the show are two of our best assets. Without it, the show is just a news report.

All that said, please understand this was a “holiday show” and we broke format for the sake of convenience. We’d appreciate you cutting us a little slack since it was either that, or no show at all.

Point, counterpoint. I liked the show and all the not-exclusive wood working talk. With the glut of people on social media, most of that information is useful in some way to most of us.

Its cool when you guys go down a non woodworking rabbit hole, as long as it is a subject I am interested in. For the record:

My likes:
Music, particularly classic/progressive Rock and Jazz.

Video editing
Anything to do with the Titanic. We studied it far too much back in high school

Carry on 🙂


A quick thought about your upcoming truck project. by relocating some of your shop machines, you may be able to park the truck in your shop to control the lighting and temperature for the shoot. Might be worth the trouble of moving the machines.

I’m pretty sure they really want this to be an outdoor shoot. The goal is to show off how you can use the power and the bed to do various tasks when nothing else is around. It would be really odd to do that in a well-outfitted shop. 🙂 But I sure wish I could just pull the truck into the shop. That would solve a ton of problems!

Hope this isn’t to long, But. New time listener and Find you guys very easy to listen to and absorb the topics you talk about. A big thanks to Shannon for bringing up the Steamer chair. My wife has wanted a lounge chair for a very long time now and after looking this chair up I am going to attempt it myself. (I will have questions later on this) On the subject of upgrading your tools. When selling your old tools at a loss because of a new tool is only a loss if you have never made money or have had no enjoyment out of that tool. Every thing you own falls into two categories. An asset or liability! If the new tool you want to buy is going to increase productivity or enable you to make something you could not, AND you are selling what you make, then that Item is an asset. If it has the same as above but you are not selling what you make then it is a liability. Selling off old tools is only a loss if you haven’t used that tool for anything. In any case. Love the show and the chemistry between you guys and all the Matts. 🙂

This is mainly for Marc but might be of interest for production problem solving.
If the truck is to be highlighted don’t forget REFLECTIONS. vehicles are great at reflecting everything such as light stands, boom poles, strange people milling about etc. I’ve worked projects for Nissan, Saturn (in the old days) and Toyota so it becomes a contest to place the camera and light stands where it is not directly reflected back. So if you can find a white tent big enough that has sides that can be moved around this is good. You can also hide camera with sides not being used. Also Nobody looks good in direct sunlight between 10:00 Am and maybe 3:00 PM (4pm is safer) a scrim (20×20 big one) helps but then you have the stands that hold it that have to be camouflaged. If wind and clouds can be an issue then once again a tent is better.
Just some things to think about, I really enjoy your show.
Location Audio engineer,
Video Editor

Marc – I feel your pain. In 2004 I took my first bonus and spent $4800 on a Pioneer Elite 42″ TV. I think it is 720, but not sure. It was billed as HDTV at the time. I still have that TV and honestly, I like the picture more than the modern LED 4Ks. They seem so fake and cartoonish to me. LCD /LED, while a step forward in energy efficiency and way cheaper to build, I think are a step back from Plasma in terms of creating a natural looking picture. That being said, I am far from a home theater expert, just speaking from experience.

Marc and Shannon,

Thank you for reading my question! I laughed quite a bit during the responses as I have alrwady gone through most everything you guys mentioned. I was terrified when I heard how similar Shannon’s experiences parallel my own (does this mean I will eventually become a neanderthal?). Love the show, and thanks for doing all that you do


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