WT320 – Virgin Viscosity

Today’s show is sponsored by our donors: Zachariah Sinnamon, Anonymous donor (you know who you are), and Jason Rausch.

We’re talking about knowing when your planer and jointer blades are dull and torsion box assembly tables in small spaces.

What’s On the Bench

  • Marc is amazed at how expensive Grandfather Clock parts are and also took the new Powermatic Tenon Jig for a spin.
  • Matt is working on his bandsaw mill.

What’s New


  • Vic wrote in to talk about the dehumidification virtues of ductless mini splits. Hayden also called in to confirm Marc’s advice last week.
  • Roger has some suggestions for a cheaper alternative to Bloxygen.


  • Rich wants some tips for determining when his planer and jointer blades are ready for sharpening.
  • Michael wants to put a torsion box assembly table in his shop but he doesn’t have enough room to keep it set up all the time.

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6 replies on “WT320 – Virgin Viscosity”

Listened to a show at the beginning of the month and someone mentioned about walnut at Home Depot. Guess we must be lucky on the central coast of California because we have Walnut, Mahogany, Cherry, Alder, Maple all S4S and 3/4 up to 11″ ish wide.

Also came across one board of curly maple 8 1/2 wide , bought that and went home happy. Now can we get good plywood, not a chance.

Great show, have fun and try not to find snakes in your logs.


Re: the bundle offer from The New Yankee Workshop, it’s the extended DVDs PLUS the famous “measured drawing.” Kinda lacks something without Norm’s New England accent.

I’ve bought a few NYW projects, that I still plan to do someday. And yes, its an actual huge chunk of paper, with pretty good details. This process obviously preceded today’s SketchUp craze, and I wouldn’t expect Norm and company to dive back into the past and and convert them all.

There were 21 seasons total. Caught a great video on YouTube where Norm was giving a talk at a trade show for home builders and taking questions from the audience, where he explained how This Old House and NYW came to be. He was a home builder, not a furniture person, when he was talked into doing NYW. Kind of a long video, 44 minutes,but interesting for Norm fans.


Matt, I’ve used my tenoning jig about twice as well… it’s nice not to have to take the standard blade out of the saw, but I found that (because of jig dimensions and miter slot locations) there were some things I couldn’t use the jig for… and got frustrated and went back to the stack dado process like you.

This is in response to Michael’s email about building a torsion box style work bench while keeping it portable and easy to store. The Ron Paulk style work bench might a good solution for him. It’s torsion style but with openings so you can keep tools and things on the lower level while you use the work surface. The bench is designed to be broken down for transport to job sites so it’s easy to move around and uses folding sawhorses for legs. I made a modified version of it similar to the one Jay Bates made and am very happy with it. Worth a look.

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