WT321 – The Great WoodTalk Sellout

On today’s show we’re talking about disposing of sawdust, using PT lumber, and how much to let panels float.

What’s On the Bench

  • Marc is making boxes and showing his house
  • Matt is working on his band saw mill
  • Shannon didn’t finish his workbench

Join us for the MWA/WoodTalk meetup at Woodworking in America September 15th @5pm at Moerlein Lager House.

What’s New


  • Brian sent in a voicemail about deflection in a torsion box table
  • Rob and Donald both thing table saw safety is an important topic
  • Andy has some thoughts on the “which tool next” dilemma.


  • Paul wants to know what we do with your dust
  • Rick wants to know how much his panel will move in a frame and panel door
  • Jeff wonders if he should take precautions with pressure treated lumber

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7 replies on “WT321 – The Great WoodTalk Sellout”

Hi guys,

A comment then a kickback, sorry to combine them but you know, brain dump

Regarding Norm Abrahms, have you considered inviting him as a guest host on the show? Or for Marc as a guest builder for a guild project?

Kickback: in ep320 you had a guy asking about a portable worktable on saw horses. I recently found a collapsible saw horse at home Depot that worked pretty well, it collapses like those camp chairs into a small bundle that fits in a bag, and it claims to handle 1200 pounds

Hugs and sawdust,

I put my sawdust with my yard waste and have never had a problem. My town uses those large, wheel away toter cans for yard waste, so the guy doesn’t actually see what is inside before the truck takes the contents. Maybe that is why they don’t reject it. But I am fairly confident that domestic wood chips are perfectly safe for their composting operation, or whatever it is they do with yard waste.

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