WT322 – It’s My Matt in a Box

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On today’s show, we’re talking about choosing joinery, sanding small pieces without rounding them over, hand planing crowns, and glueing up joints.

What’s On the Bench

  • Marc is making boxes
  • Matt went to IWF
  • Shannon is gluing up a 30″ wide Sapele panel

What’s New


  • Adrian is concerned about using Tried & True oil on his rocker and wants Marc’s impression of the finish.
  • Joe schools us on relative humidity and wood movement
  • Jack spoke with a trauma department head who says there are more bandsaw finger amputations than table saws.


  • Bill wants to know how we choose our joinery.
  • Michael keeps rounding small parts over when sanding and needs help.
  • Erin keeps planing a crown in the edge of his boards with his Jack plane.


  • John wants to know if we put glue on all the surfaces of a joint instead of just the long grain surfaces.

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9 replies on “WT322 – It’s My Matt in a Box”

I definitely need to plan for wood movement. My summer indoor air is 70F, 60%RH+ (or 11% EMC). My winter indoor air is 70F, as low as 20%RH (or 4.5% EMC). That is with HVAC running year round and a whole house humdifier. Here in chicago we have very humid summers and cold winters, with forced air the dominant type of heating.

A 12″ wide flatsawn cherry board will shrink ~.25″ under such conditions. Yes, this is something I need to think about when building furniture.

I recently discovered that there are now hard and extra soft plattens available for the Bosch ROS 10/20 sander. I found them on Amazon for about 16$ each. 3M also makes a foam interface pad that seems like it will be great for sculpted forms.

Maybe you guys could discuss cases where harder or softer plattens would be better

Bosch RS035 5-Inch Hard Hook-and-Loop Backing Pad for Ros10/20Vs-Series
Bosch RS033 5-Inch Extra-Soft Hook and Loop Backing Pad for Ros10/20Vs-Series
3M Clean Sanding Soft Interface Disc Pad 28321, Hook and Loop, 5″ Diameter x 0.50″ Thick

Two weeks ago you guys were talking about working with pressure treated wood; One thing that I learned the hard way: if you are cutting wet pressure treated lumber on your Saw Stop; the wet lumber will activate the brake. It was an expensive education. The next time I am working with wet pressure treated lumber I will turn on the bypass mode.

I have watched every video I can find about the Shaper Origin. I can imagine using it in many ways. Hope to do inlay without the expensive template. I ordered one using someone’s code which gave me $100 off. If you order using my code you will give the discount and I will get credit. https://preorder.shapertools.com/ref/EDR0TKKHF

Thanks for the great show.

To the caller who asked about choosing joinery, just get Tage Frid Teaches Woodworking. It is a classic text with a whole section containing detailed information about most standard and some exotic joinery methods with diagrams and methods for each. I use it all the time to choose which joint would work best in a project.

Shannon what do you think of paul sellers technique of starting a #4 plane at the front end of the edge of a broad. How would this technique apply to jouinting?

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