WT325 – Mineral Spirits Shots

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On today’s show we’re talking about Woodworking in America, child safe finishes, hiring a sawyer, and when to sharpen your saws.

What’s On the Bench

  • We are at Woodworking in America this week all together in the same room and having fun. We want to thank everyone who came up and said hi, swapped stories, shook hands, laughed, cried, and especially all those who told Shannon that he is nuts for not liking Walnut and Maple together.

What’s New

  • Patreon now offers an RSS feed so those of you getting the extra content can subscribe and have it automatically downloaded to your devices


  • David sent in a picture of a beautiful breadboard with Maple and Walnut together in harmony and told Shannon to shut up!
  • Kenji shared video of an idea for dealing with sawdust.


  • Jack is building toys and has questions about safe finishes
  • Nate wants to know what to look for when hiring a sawyer
  • Tony wants to know what the indications are for when it is time to sharpen a saw blade.

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17 replies on “WT325 – Mineral Spirits Shots”

The last two podcast would not download on my android phone (324 & 325).I use the Onecast App. The first 323 downloaded with no problem! Love the Podcast BTW.

How should we know when there’s a youtube version of the show. I enjoy watching the 3 of you intetact as oppossed to just being able to listen.

BTW why’d you shy away from being naked and presenting? I’d really like to see that version.

A couple of years ago there was a very bad explosion and fire in norther British Columbia, Canada, Babine Mills, I believe, it was due to saw dust. They were milling old pine that had been killed by the pine beattle.

Y’all talked briefly about a carrie Goldman who has move from woodworking to leather work. I’m interested in that myself and was wondering where I can check out her work… Any info?

Hey…. gotta love the video on how to deal with wood sawdust!!!! Just curious, how the heck did they come up with this idea? I usually give ‘clean’ (no plywood, particle board, ect.) sawdust to my brother that composts it for his garden. Also, how did they design the mechanisms? Also, (last question… promise 🙂 ), who was the first brave soul to test the design? Love the smoke ring that was created in the sky. Nice submission and oh, nice podcast too!

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