WT326 – Wilbur’s Big Hakones

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Today’s show is sponsored by MiterSet and their simple and easy table saw miter gauge. Check out the MiterSet in action in this video:

On today’s show, we’re talking about curved cauls, who need’s ’em!, what’s matt going to do with all of those slabs, what’s the deal with Purpleheart, and all kinds of backwards sawing and softwood only Japanese woodworking questions for our guest host Wilbur Pan!

What’s On the Bench

  • Wilbur is cleaning up his shop after the WIA chaos
  • Marc is building a Castle Bookcase and thinking about moving his shop
  • Matt made a BB gunstock from Padauk
  • Shannon made a flyswatter

What’s New

  • Happy Atom makes a Wind Waker boomerang.
  • Nathan shared an epic guitar making video.
  • Wilbur shared a video on Hakone style Japanese marquetry.


  • Bruce shares how dangerous dust explosions can be
  • Check out Shrine of the Pines in Baldwin, MI
  • George and Nick have sources for dying veneer and Nick wants a shop lighting update


  • AJ is making a standing desk and wants a good way to hang a drawer underneath it
  • Nick Offerman called in seeking advice on sharpening his block plane
  • Joe needs help with a big commission redoing desktops


    • Joe wants to know who uses curved cauls for panel glue ups.
    • Jason likes Matt’s bandsaw mill and wants to know what he is going to do with all that wood.
    • Matt’s Purpleheart is changing color, what’s the deal?

Questions for Wilbur

      • Jim wants to know what’s the best pull saw to buy for dovetails? Check out this post on Wilbur’s blog
      • Sam wants to know if Wilbur still uses baby oil on his diamond stones
      • Favorite Japanese Chisel Manufacturer?
      • Timothy wants to build a small Japanese style workbench

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5 replies on “WT326 – Wilbur’s Big Hakones”

Hey guys,

Long time listener, first time commenter.

Marc, you say you fall asleep to Seinfeld on Hulu chewing up your bandwith, I’m from Melbourne Australia and thanks to the time difference, guess what I fall asleep to that chews up my bandwith? WOODTALK! I love waiting for each week’s episode, not sure when it will appear in my feed thanks to my inability to work out time differences!

Anyways, as a newbie hobbiest wood worker, and being in Australia, and not sued to certain timber species you speak of, I’m interested to hear about your conversation regarding how different species work differently. I have certainly experienced how soft woods such as pine don’t like being chiseled, but I[m keen to learn how I can learn to identify signs ahead of time to see how I can assess how to handle different timbers. I’m talking grain direction, oiliness, colour etc etc.

Love the show guys. Keep it up,. Looking forward to Patreon accepting Aussie contributions, all the best, Nic. (Snoooooor, snooooor…. from Shannon, he does a great snooring sound affect!)

Marc, Marc, Marc….you’ve pronounced my name on air at least a half dozen times perfectly. What happened? LOL

Hi Guys,

Almost new listener and new Patreon member. I have to admit that the first time I listened about 6 months ago I thought you guys were way to chatty about everything but woodworking but I gave you another shot and you’ve grown on me. I’ve been freebasing old shows for the past couple of weeks and it didn’t seem right without contributing.
I ran across this lathe on Craigslist and it seemed right up Matt’s alley. Great show. Thanks.

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