WT331 – Scary Bosses

On today’s show, we’re talking about glossy wood without finish, choosing woods for your design, how much wood for a workbench.

What’s On the Bench

  • Marc is a slacker!
  • Matt installed the idle wheel on the band mill
  • Shannon is turning and doing shop stuff

What’s New


  • Robert and Brandon have some feedback on the Original Grain Wooden Watches
  • Jeff shared some tips on lighting design and using software and lighting values
  • Zack wants more shallow and pedantic hand tool discussions.


  • jHop wants to know when a mirror finish is appropriate.
  • Steve wants to know a ballpark average cost for lumber for a workbench
  • Daniel is wondering about pairing Padauk with Walnut in a current project

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6 replies on “WT331 – Scary Bosses”

That’s right Marc…say my name. Great episode. Was pleasantly surprised that another one was published so soon after/during your move.

Marc, when you were planning to move, did you ever consider making crates for your larger tools? 2 x 4’s are cheap and they wouldn’t need full plywood sides, but it would prevent movers from lifting tools by the beds or tables. Just a thought, thanks for all the great content.

After listening to three podcasts in a row, I can’t remember which one mentioned an smartphone app that can be used to decide what lights would be best for your shop.
Do any of you know what the name of that iphone app is?

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