WT338 – Black Friday Woodworking Style

On today’s weekend show, we’re talking about Black Friday madness in the woodworking world.

What Are We Talking About

What are the big Black Friday deals we have seen in the past and what have we taken advantage of. What deals are you looking forward to?

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One reply on “WT338 – Black Friday Woodworking Style”

If you shop on Amazon there is a browser plugin called CamelCamelCamel (http://camelcamelcamel.com/) that gets you price information. Go to the item you desire on Amazon then click on the camel plugin and it shows you the price history from Amazon and others and you can put in a price alert so that when the item goes on sale for the price you want it you’ll get an email.

For the Festool sander, it went on sale at the beginning of October for $99 (regularly $200) and you also get a $50 credit on a future Festool product purchase. It was suppose to ship at the beginning of November. A few days into the sale they stopped taking orders and said that it was oversold. A few weeks later they said it was so oversold that they didn’t have enough to ship to everybody. Mine is suppose to ship in February 2017 but others have said theirs were due in March. So standard manufacturing lead time of 16-20 weeks and it ends up feeling like a Kickstart. But the good news is that you now know they have at least $150 built in profit that they can afford to give away.

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