WT343 – Marc Drops a Hot One

On today’s show, we’re talking about router bit buying strategy, lathe tool recommendations, jointer planes, and where to put the drill press.

What’s On the Bench

  • Marc banged up his toe and complains about inaccuracies in plans
  • Matt is making a sharp jungle gym
  • Shannon is sticking mouldings

What’s New

  • A cool video on a really simple way to make wooden and brass inlaid rings.


  • Brad called in about cutting boards and finish.
  • Rick called in to talk about basement heating solutions
  • Kevin also had a simple shop heating solution
  • Matt loves the off topic shows.


  • Jared wants to know where he can put his drill press


  • Greg bought his first quality router bit and was impressed and now wonders if there is a use for the discount router bits
  • Andrew is looking for advice on buying traditional HSS turning tools.
  • Wade is looking to buy a jointer plane and wondering if bevel up or bevel down.

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5 replies on “WT343 – Marc Drops a Hot One”

Hello all, I am just dropping to say I will gladly sit in for Matt while he is on paternity leave. I can even talk about the mill I’m building and won’t finish for another year… see the subjects wouldn’t even change. I may even call mine the fro-mona.

Take care for now and stay warm!

I listened and watched your review on the review of the new Bosch miter saw about how you don’t use the saw much and since you had a Festool Kapex saw but ot economize you went to the Bosch. I understand any budget conscious moves when buying tools. My feeling about the move away from The Festool maybe short sighted. I have been using a Hitachi 12″ saw which is a basic model but after using it for about a year the dust issue is the most important feature of any tool which creates alot of dust. I have the Festool Domino and Festool track saw which work very well and were bought fbecause of the quality and greatly reduced dust plus recently became a real health issue for me after using the dust creaters that most tools produce. With my router the dust is suffacating and makes a real dust storm in my shop. I am soon getting the Festool Router primarily because the dust issue and am saving for a Kapex when my ship comes in the dust issues is a key issue in any shop and I wonder if you are being “penny wise and a pound foolish”.

Not sure why you feel this decision was about saving money. That would make no sense since I already had the Festool gear and had to spend money to acquire these other tools. The net result is a significant monetary loss. My primary motivation here was to acquire tools that were more in line with what much of my audience can afford. So if I were just tooling around in my shop with no one watching, of course I would have kept the Kapex. But also consider that if no one were watching, I probably couldn’t justify the cost of the Kapex anyway and I certainly wouldn’t have received one for free. Ultimately, we should all be wearing respirators in the shop whenever we produce dust. And while the Festool gear is pretty much the best on the market in terms of dust collection, I still wore my respirator during and after I made cuts. So for me, the fact that the Bosch produces more dust doesn’t have much total impact on my dust exposure.

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