WT345 – Marc Hates Matt

On today’s show, we’re talking about epoxy shelf life, stropping, and bandsaw blade life expectancy.

What’s On the Bench

  • Marc build an arcade cabinet
  • Matt finished his bandsaw mill and had a kid!
  • Shannon is gearing up for a bookcase project

What’s New

  • Jay built a cool camera stand


  • Marc is attending the Denver Area Maker Meetup
  • Shannon is attending The Woodworking Show in Timonium, MD on Saturday Jan 7th
  • Marc is going to the Kansas City Woodworking Show, Jan 20-22nd
  • Matt Vanderlist finally built his workbench!


  • Barry had some “obvious” kickback on resawing
  • Gary shared the true specifications of the Harbor Freight lathe we talked about in episode 344


  • Brad is making a dining table and has questions about the finish and the breadboard ends.


  • Joe wants to know about the shelf life of West Systems epoxy
  • Darth Rust wants some information on stropping and how to do it properly
  • Wade wants to know how long the typical bandsaw blade should last.

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10 replies on “WT345 – Marc Hates Matt”

If anyone listened to you guys over time would know you guys are kidding when you rib Matt. Love you guys and look forward to your pod casts every week. Missed it during Christmas. Glad you are back. Keep it going. Thanks

I did not mean any thing bad with my comment. Sorry it came across that way. That’s what’s wrong with email. You try not to be too wordy and the receiver gets the wrong impression. i.e. Marc Hates Matt.
I was thinking that if you guys are commenting on the 2 lathes, knowing the specs would have helped in guiding your comments. i.e. If he should ever need or want to turn something longer than 18″ then he should go for the 12″ model which can handle up to 33″ in length. But if all he is looking to do is small work, then go for the 10″ model and get the additional tools with the savings. As you guys always comment, if going for the more expensive ones keeps you from getting started, start out getting more for less and upgrade when possible.

Glad I’m not the only one that gets misunderstood!

Honda, De Walt, Festool…Marc needs a jacket like a NASCAR driver!

Great show guys! Feel free to rib Matt all you want – he can take it! Although, it would be nice to hear from Matt some more. Otherwise you should rename the show “Matt listens to Marc and Shannon Talk Wood”. :-p A mouthful, I know – but the domain name probably isn’t taken! 😀

Just a little kickback to the epoxy expiration discussion on episode 345. My brother is a well known luthier “kragenbrink guitars, and uses west system epoxy. A couple years ago he gave me what was left of a gallon kit he had been using for about 12 years and began to get worried about its integrity. Since then I’ve used it up on various projects and although it had turned dark brown as mark had mentioned it worked just as my new can does. As for me I don’t believe their is an expiration. Thanks, Brock. Bkwooddesigns

Shannon, check ‘camera shows’ and craigslist and look for old photography studio equipment. A camera stand is what all content producers could use in the studio. Jay’s is a fantastic DIY version. I used to have a photo studio in the film days. A tripod is not a good idea even in a photography studio, if one can afford it. As Jay’s shows its minimalistic and mobile, perfect for a shop or studio environment.

How could anyone not like Matt? He seems like the nicest guy ever. Every time I watch his channel I want him to be my best friend.

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