WT349 – Mullet Truck

On today’s show, we’re talking about staining complex projects, Matt’s building a solar kiln?!?!, and wood movement in wide boards.

What’s On the Bench

  • Marc sold a big ole bandsaw and is getting more power
  • Matt is jumping on the shop organization bandwagon
  • Shannon built a bookcase live

What’s New


  • Nick agrees with Matt on having a chop saw in the shop
  • Adam called in and has a “short fingered” pianist friend who is amazing


  • Tom wants to cut down on sanding
  • Gerard is building a countertop and has wood movement questions


  • Michael is staining his grandfather clock and doesn’t have HVLP.
  • Nick wants to know if Matt is going to build a solar kiln.
  • Wade has some 13″ wide boards that are cupping and wants to know how to deal with it.

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3 replies on “WT349 – Mullet Truck”

Laguna makes a great saw. But remember that PM is a sponsor. Fortunately they also happen to make top-notch tools. But don’t take my endorsement of PM to mean that other saws aren’t worth buying. Especially in the world of bandsaws, there are lots of great brands to choose from. And over the years I’ve heard nothing but good things about the performance of Laguna saws.

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