WT351 – So Easy a Monkey Can Do It

On today’s show, we’re talking about casket joinery, dust collection for a small shop, and table top board direction

What’s On the Bench

  • Marc went to The Woodworking Show in Kansas City
  • Matt automated the height adjustment on his bandsaw mill
  • Shannon finished his bookcase

What’s New

  • Shannon’s hand sawing mentor is on YouTube
  • The Art of Design is coming to Netflix:
  • No Woodworking in America in 2017, instead go to Handworks in IA.
  • Here is a desk with built in computer
  • Who doesn’t want a rocket propelled knife, especially one that is heated up.


  • Connor listed to all our shows and likes hearing how Marc and Matt discovered iPhones and Twitter


  • Mike has questions about joinery in a coffin – Marc recommends he check out the Steamer Trunk project.
  • Allen wants to know what the advantages are of running the grain across a table vs along the length
  • Kory has a 700 square foot shop and is ready to graduate from a Shop Vac to some real dust collection.

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7 replies on “WT351 – So Easy a Monkey Can Do It”

For anyone interested in documentaries on design, I highly recommend the Gary Hustwit trilogy of Helvetica, Objectified, and Urbanized. Also “Design is One: The Vignellis”.

WT351 – On the coffin corner joinery, how about using a router lock miter bit. I have used it in building small boxes made from solid wood, not plywood, and I have had great results. One thing, make sure you rout the stile edges before gluing up the panels. I don’t see why it would not work for the coffin build. It is just a larger box. Just a thought. No “JERK JUICE” intended. 🙂

Heh Guys, On your latest podcast I think you mentioned no Woodworking in America this year. But maybe it would be good to mention that Fine Woodworking is has resurrected their conference slated for April 21-23 at Southbridge Hotel & Conference Center, conveniently located minutes from Sturbridge, MA. Thought you might want to promote this since the other is an off year. Love the show

Why do you hate St. Louis, Marc? We have a Woodworking show as well as some of the nation’s best BBQ (little known fact). If you decide to come to the better half of Missouri, let me know! I’ll buy your BBQ lunch, BYOJJ!
**All in jest, of course!**

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