WT353 – Matt’s Junkyard

On today’s show, we’re talking about glue line seams, dowels vs floating tenons, and a sawmill cnc router conversion.

What’s On the Bench

  • Marc finished the Grandfather clock doors and had his garage door tracks removed
  • Matt is using his fully automated mill named Skynet
  • Shannon is carving cross grained mouldings

What’s New


  • Mike left us a voicemail about making rough cross cuts at the table saw
  • Jim wants to know if we will be doing anything special for the 10th Anniversary of WoodTalk
  • Jeremy likes wood but prefers MDF trim because it conforms to undulations in the wall
  • Fine Woodworking Live is happening in CT on April 21-23


Nate is building drawers and looking for an idea for drawer stops for an open backed case.


  • Jacob has a glue line that was flush and now is proud of the surface
  • Phil thinks Matt should turn his bandsaw mill into a giant CNC machine
  • Saint Nicster wants to know

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10 replies on “WT353 – Matt’s Junkyard”

Pretty sure Matt has no idea about Sanford and Son. Great television show, I think he should invite his neighbors over and watch every episode with them. Someone should record the comments.

Like Mike, I left a voicemail that seems to have gotten lost in the ether as well. Maybe Skype fails you more often than you realize. Is there anything you guys can adjust or change to prevent that?

Great show as usual and Marc, you made the right move having a pro work on your garage door. Even if you’re handy there are a few home projects you shouldn’t mess with and are best left to a professional, and a garage door is one of them. There are just too many adjustments to make and/or mess up.

And finally, I don’t know how large the annual music licensing budget is at Woodtalk, but if you could make the Sanford and Son theme song the new opening music I will be the happiest person on the planet.

Following up my question –

Thanks for taking the time to respond to my question on Monday’s show 🙂

I should leave the comedy attempts to the commedians 😉 Like a bad Seinfeld “What’s the deal” joke “Oh well actually, there’s a very thoughtful and precise answer as to exactly why it’s like that” Oh, I had not thought about it like that, thanks for the info! 😀

In addition to having more commute time than shop time, I’m also a beginner. So lots of time to think about things that I really have no knowledge about or ways to properly experiment! it’s like I’m a youtube comment section :/

As for Shannon’s coverage of pharmacological law in Maryland – don’t worry: you went to Boulder, we already assumed you were a pothead!

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