WT355 – Keep Your Limbs Above the Crotch

On today’s show, we’re talking about long-term tool storage, selling at craft shows, and quartersawn lumber.

What’s On the Bench

  • Marc got his cup ‘o slab
  • Matt is using his mill
  • Shannon smoothing curly Cherry

What’s New


  • Mark’s favorite shop accessory is his Dubby crosscut sled


  • Dave needs advice on a lid stay for a hanging door
  • Bill has a farting table saw blade
  • Anonymous wonders about veneering a drawer front and using solid wood or plywood as the core
  • Mark needs help on a built in closet design


  • Andrew is looking for a solution for long term tool storage
  • Andre has questions about quartersawn lumber
  • Mychal is seeking advice on selling on the craft show circuit

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6 replies on “WT355 – Keep Your Limbs Above the Crotch”

Table saw farts…I wish that wasn’t a thing, but I know exactly what you’re talking about. What made it go away for me was something super stupid. I was using a thin kerf blade with a full kerf riving knife and once I switched to a full kerf blade, the farts stopped. Once I made this realization, I found that on my other saw, the riving knife was just a little out of adjustment. Fixed and fixed. Love the show!

I’ve never used a table saw that was new enough to have a riving knife, but Jeremy Turner’s comment about the riving knife does sound plausible. My first thought was that it could be the insert vibrating. Back when I worked in my Dad’s cabinet shop, I would rip hundreds of board feet of hardwood into face frame stile & rail stock at a time. It wasn’t my favorite job to do. When you’re faced with ripping that much you tend to try to do it very quickly. If your insert doesn’t fit good and snug and you feed the wood too fast the wood can vibrate or bounce on the insert, which will make a noise that at times can sound like farting.

Keep up the great work on the show guys!

Four Breadboards, Three Panels
I’m guessing he meant a long panel broken up into three panels divided by breadboards and with breadboards at the ends


To Mark who is trying to figure out how to use the space behind some built in drawers he is building for his children:

If you want to build a hidden space behind the drawers rather than making super deep drawers, you could leave some space at the bottom of the drawer stack (such as The first drawer height) to allow things to be retrieved from the front. You could put a door in front or false drawer front as well to keep things from rolling out.

This could be used for toys, however given it would be a first in first out system, it would probably be better used as a built-in hidden laundry hamper.

Maybe, consider the farting table saw is new, there is always the possibility there may be some packaging left on the interior of the saw. Just a thought.

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