WT356 – Woodworking Sponsors and YouTube

On today’s weekend show, we’re talking about YouTube and Fine Woodworking as well as getting sponsors

What Are We Talking About

Anonymous said…

Being a cord-cutter, my main source of viewing entertainment is watching vids on YouTube with woodworking being one of the primary subjects of my viewing pleasure. However, I’m finding myself more and more turned off by the woodworking that is coming out of the popular channels on YT. This is not a slam on the people themselves, because there is some entertainment value in their videos, but merely the quality of the pieces that they are putting out there. I’m concerned now that this is influencing the general public’s opinion in thinking that a 2×6 screwed-together picnic table is better than something you can buy at Ikea simply because it is “handmade”. I know that I am getting more and more inquiries for commissions on these kinds of projects. How do you guys use your channels/influence to shine a light on “fine” furniture? Or is that something that is in your purview? Is there a compromise somewhere between the two sides? Sorry for the lengthy email and thank you for putting out legit woodworking content for this wannabe!

and this question from Chip

hey guys! enjoying your podcast! I was listening to your talk about “the pitfalls of an online business” and have to admit I’m very surprised to learn that your primary source of income does not come from your woodworking business. While I’m not new to woodworking I am a bit new to the business side. So I guess my obvious question is – where does your primary source of income come from? I really don’t know much about sponsors and podcasting, so if there is revenue opportunity there, I’d like to learn about it.

So part 2 of this question is how does one become attractive to a manufacturer to hopefully become a sponsor? And what exactly does a sponsor do?

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3 replies on “WT356 – Woodworking Sponsors and YouTube”

The problem with the popularity of cheap 2×4 “furniture,” as I see it, is that people will pay a similar price for handmade as they would for IKEA but expect a higher quality project. Unfortunately, the DIY furniture warps, splits, dents, etc. worse than the pressed termite vomit furniture.

Now the woodworker produced what was commissioned, but the client was wrong in asking for a farmhouse table of construction grade lumber. And a frustrated client complains about the shoddy workmanship, and vows to only purchase Swedish-made puzzle furniture.

Of course DIY projects are a great gateway to woodworking, but I try to void taking commissions for them.

When Marc discussed where you get revenue and talked about Shannon’s work at the lumber company, I couldn’t help but hear the Dire Straits lead singer’s voice. “He’s got a day time job – he’s doin’ all right.”

I love the off topic weekend shows. Especially the ones where you talk about how you run your businesses. Maybe it’s time for you guys to start a new podcast based solely on running your online businesses. 🙂 Keep up the great work guys!!

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