WT361 – Artisanal Crotch Wood

On today’s show, we’re talking about the joy of tracksaws, strength of loose tenons, and getting into welding.

What’s On the Bench

  • Marc started on his trestle table
  • Matt is milling lumber for his son’s new bed
  • Shannon is building a Raamtang

What’s New

  • Walnut prices are on the rise
  • Alex shared a cool Kickstarter campaign for a D&D Game Master Screen
  • John shared the Lego wooden bricks from Brikawood
  • Here is a story about the Saw Mill
  • Lucas shared the Knitting bowl project from Wood Magazine and is offering 50% off is our listeners use the code “KNITTINGRULES” (though part of your soul may die when you type that).


  • Artisanal vs Artesian water
  • Nick sent in a voice memo using his Garageband
  • Andrew is replacing his Ikea furniture slowly with pieces he has built himself
  • Thanks to Mike Ben, Tom, Toni, Andrew, Jack, Michael, George, and some others I’m missing for a great conversation on our Maker Movement episode. We touched a nerve obviously and love the opinions


  • Bob has a question about finishing different woods
  • Hayden has a question on matching finish on doors


  • Brandon is trying to justify a tracksaw in his work flow
  • Darth Rust is considering loose tenons on his sideboard and wondering about strength
  • Mike wants to get into welding and needs advice on getting started

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6 replies on “WT361 – Artisanal Crotch Wood”


I’ve asked around and haven’t been able to get an answer. Are bandsaws impacted by temperature? I recently had a ResawKing blade snap on me while i was sawing. My bandsaw is in my unheated garage, in a climate similar to where Matt lives.


That Brikawood stuff is pretty cool as an idea. I wonder how well that kind of construction would handle an earthquake. About fifteen years ago we had the Nisqually quake, which threw some houses up and over, shifting them off their foundation.

One of the best track saw DIYs out there: https://youtu.be/7bxTcwfGE6c

When I built the cabinet for my double oven I used a
spare toe kick, which was also for the cabinet project, for my guide…worked great and saved me the $600 on the price of a cheap track saw.

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