WT363 – Hot Garbage Woodworking

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On today’s show, we’re talking about plywood vs solid wood for panels, electrical draw from a saw mill, and french cleats

What’s On the Bench

  • Marc is finishing his Trestle Table
  • Matt is milling some crotch Maple
  • Shannon geeked out at the comic book store

What’s New

  • Matt played with his Maple Crotch



  • Chris is making a cabinet and wondering when to use solid wood vs plywood for the door panel
  • Jonathan is wondering about the electrical bill increase with Matt’s bandsaw mill
  • Paul wants to know when to recess a french cleat or leave it proud of the back of a case

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5 replies on “WT363 – Hot Garbage Woodworking”

How can I remove deep long time water marks from my Mom’s dining room table? The table hasnt been used for along time. Deep set in water marks. Not rings. Please help!!! Her table is at least 50 years old

Went to corny morning show real fast – love it! Can’t wait to hear Marc hit the wrong sound effect by accident and everyone falls apart laughing.

Keep it up guys,.

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